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2 Corinthians 4:7 compares my body to an earthen vessel of clay. Knowing that God, through His Spirit lives inside me, I remember reading that verse and asking myself why God would then choose to dwell in clay just to be with me.
The knowledge felt very far-fetched, I mean, thinking that God’s throne must be made out of gold and other precious stones and He still doesn’t mind being in clay seemed almost incomprehensible. It, however birthed other questions, like:
• Why would God give to me things that I do not deserve?
• Why would He choose me … me, despite my unqualifications and inadequacies?
• Why would He break His own self just to redeem me?
• Why would He bear the worst kind of death in my stead?
• Why would He see the kinds of things I sometimes think about or do and still stay here?
There is just one logical and yet illogical explanation … God Loves Me.
Now, look at the list above. Do you see how these things apply to you too? What does that tell you?
God is not bias towards people, perfections, qualifications and stuffs. He loves us irrespective of who we are and who we are not. He loves us, even before we started trying to earn it. I wish I knew all of you guys personally and I could insert your names in here one after the other. Anyway, the point is, He loves us: always has and always will.

Reference Scripture: Psalm 139, Ephesians 3: 18

Prayer point: Father, today I ask that you help me look beyond my flaws, but instead see and focus on your love for me. Let me experience your love every day of my life and give me the strength to comprehend it in all its fullness, in Jesus’ name.

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Sometime around 19, I started ‘thinking’ that I was beginning to act childish. I let these thoughts stay and before long, I started to act like it. The thing with thoughts, I read, is that they are like waves. We can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which ones to surf.

Our thoughts consequently influence our words. When my friend clocked 20, she began to think it was old age. Before long, she started to call herself old, especially when she forgot things or couldn’t remember where she had placed her stuffs. The more she kept thinking it, the more she kept saying it and that consequently affected her actions. She began to misplace and forget things more often. Of course, it goes beyond thinking childish or thinking old, to weightier thoughts like insecurities, poverty, negativities, inadequacies, inabilities, or their positive counterparts. What you think of yourself goes a long way in determining how you carry yourself, just like what you think of others goes a long way in determining your relationship with them. The mind really is the root of most of our actions, words, judgements and perception. Low self-esteem, for instance has its root within the mind. The ability to do something starts from the mind as well as If you think you can’t, you most likely won’t be able to. For as you think in your heart, so are you.

Reference scripture: Proverbs 23: 7

Prayer point: Father, I ask that you help me by your spirit, filter the things that go on in my mind. Help me not dwell on thoughts that displease you, in Jesus’ name.


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THOUGHTS #1: What Do We Let In?

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I once saw a movie where the character had cancer of the bone. It affected her leg especially. The next day, when my leg started to ache, I remembered the cancer.

Another instance was when I read about a lady who hit her head on ice while skating. She picked herself up immediately, thinking she was fine. She was however bleeding internally and she died some hours later. So, when I hit my head hard on an iron pole some days later, it was only natural I thought I could be bleeding internally.

You know why these thoughts came to me during those times? It’s because I had let them into my mind. The media of course was through books and movies, but these are only two of the million ways we let stuffs in.

I recently learnt in school that there is a place in our minds called the schema. It is responsible for storing and conjuring the knowledge we have of the world. So, the next time we let into our minds scary thoughts by watching mysterious videos on youTUBE or horror movies, our minds assimilate these thoughts and store them away somewhere. Then, when we find ourselves walking alone on a dark trail or in a house, we tend to think that ghosts, spirits, or a serial killer might be following us, because then your mind finds it appropriate to conjure the images it had stored away.

And that’s why we should consciously try to filter the things that we let into our minds. The things we watch, the things we read (especially if you are a wide and dynamic reader like I am), the things we listen to and so on have a way of placing images in our minds that eventually affect our perception, words and actions about everything.
So, when stuffs approach the doors of our minds and ‘knock-knock’, if they are right, let them in but if they are not, make that scoffing face and shut the door hard on their noses.

Reference Scripture: Philippians 4:8

Prayer point: Father, strengthen me by your Spirit to discern which things are right and help me filter the things I allow into my mind consciously or unconsciously, in Jesus’ name.

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