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“I hated my life . . . I hated my own wretched helplessness. Most of all, I hated the men for their relentless quest for pleasure. I gave them my body but not a particle more. Maybe there was not anymore. I did not know. And that didn’t seem to make matter to any of the men. All they saw was my beauty -a flawless veil wrapped around a frozen heart and they were enthralled . . . “

Up there is my first person attempt to narrate Angel’s story. If you’ve ever read Redeeming Love, here’s the part you smile. Yeahhh, lovers. Most of us girls however love the book for the sizzling romance Francine Rivers got going between Micheal and Angel. Infact, for a long time, my friend and I fantasized about marrying a guy like Micheal Hosea. Ooh well, we missed the whole point, didn’t we?

You see, Angel really got a lot going for her. She was despised by her father from birth and sold into prostitution as a child . She grew up so frigid and cold, giving men only what they wanted from her – sex. She also lived a large part of her life in fear of the paedophile who used her as a child. When she eventually met Micheal – a farmer who was deep, deep in love with her, it was really hard for her accepting that love. She kept running and running and running …

In no way am I going to make an attempt to review this book. Partly because, I don’t want to water it down and partly because, there are lots of reviews up on the internet. But you remember that whole point my friend and I missed while we were so cocooned in the romance? Yeah. It is the beautiful capture of brokenness, the relentless pursuit of God’s love, acceptance and total healing in the story of it all. Very relevant to what we’ve been talking about all month long, right? Right, and for that reason, I’m recommending it for the week.

If you’ve read it and you have it, give it to somebody who hasn’t and who needs it. I’ve got the book too and its soft version as well. If you want that, just drop your e-mail add and I’ll send it to you.

Thank you. Have a fabulous week and I hope you enjoy your read.









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