If Your Values Were Charms on a Bracelet, What Would Those Values Be?

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Welcome to the Tirzah’s Family Q&A session. Here, we’ll be throwing useful questions to ourselves and whoever gets asked {that could either be you or me} provides an answer. Is that okay? Today’s question is for you & the fun of this is that we all interact o.

Ehn ehn, so, some of you know Adanna and David Ohakim. For those of you who don’t, these two are one of my favorite couples on Instagram. They also have a YouTube channel that I enjoy watching. Anyway, coupled with the many things they are involved in individually and as a couple, they recently launched a jewelry collection called Bei-de, which means ‘both’ in German. {There. Bet you didn’t know that before. :)}

Now, one of the pieces of the collection is a bracelet that has all these charms around it. Adanna says each charm represents her values and they include: Africa, Feminism, Unity in Diversity and Love.

Check out the charms. Photo Credit: @adannadavid {instagram}

Hearing her explain what each of those things means to her got me thinking about exactly what my own values are. Simply put, your values are your beliefs – something that you stand for and which often influences your behavior/attitude in situations.

I’m sure we all have them, but most times, a whole lot of us just live our lives passingly as each day comes, without knowing deliberately what we really stand for and live by. I don’t want us to live like that this year. So, imagine someone gives you a bracelet on which your values will be placed as charms, what would those values be?

Let me go first and then, you guys can answer yours in the comments below. In a not-so-conclusive attempt, my values are:

  • Education:

I place Education on a very high pedestal and I believe that every child, irrespective of their background, deserves to be educated. Since Education has no specific symbol, I’m going to represent this value on my charm bracelet using the logo of my Alma mater.

  • Love:

Another charm on my bracelet would be the love symbol. Love, for me, represents everything I live/should live by right now where my Faith in Christ is concerned. God is Love and I also believe that if Love were at the core of humanity, the world would be a better place.

  • Equality: 

I once told a friend that I am a feminist and the next thing he said was ‘oh no, have you told your father?’. Like what?! I know a lot of people cringe in disgust at the whole idea of feminism {some have even said it to my face how irritated they are by the whole thing} but I strongly believe that everyone deserves equal opportunities to fundamental human rights & no one, in any part of the world, should be denied, stereotyped or prejudiced just because of their gender.

Asides from feminism, I also believe that nobody deserves to be lesser. This is where the whole Self-Esteem thing comes into play for me. So, I’ll just represent both beliefs on my bracelet with the symbol of equality.

  • Nation Building:

Another thing I hold very dear is working/supporting those who are working towards the development of Africa or more narrowly, Nigeria. This can be done in different ways & through different platforms. I believe that when we reach out, irrespective of how short we think our limbs are, there will be something, someone within that range that we can touch.

I am African – Nigerian – Yoruba. That’s an identity for me, so if I was ever going to represent this value on a charm bracelet, I would go with the map of Africa or Nigeria or both.


Like I said, this list is not conclusive. Just a few to show you what I mean. So, over to you, If you were to represent your values as charm on a bracelet, what would those values be?

Photo Credit: @adannadavid {instagram}

This exercise is part of helping us live life more deliberately this New Year. Giving you the floor now. Let the answers start roooooollllling.

With Love,


Ooh, did I add that today is #freebiesfriday and I’ll be selecting the winners of today’s recharge cards from your answers below?

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    • Thank you, Christy and thank God, you have them defined. This would help you stand and maintain your ground in situations, just incase compromise shows up.

  • Hmmn deep question.
    Let me see.
    *Girl teen education
    *purity (emotionally and spiritually)
    *Love once more.

  • Hi boooo
    First time commenter
    I hope I get recharge card o.
    So my value system is deeply steeped in God’s word and it reflects in every and anything I do. If i’m to list out 5 I represent now.. I would say
    Chastity, integrity, authenticity, service and Conviction ( doing things because we deeply convinced about it not because ‘they’ say so)
    You are doing a great job hun. Well done.

    • Hi Derin! Good to have you here. Why am I not surprised ‘chastity’ makes the top of the list? haha. Your values are great but beyond being mere charms on a bracelet, I hope that you are able to stand by them anywhere and in the face of whatever.

      PS: I finally found your blog. Love it! Thanks for leaving a link.