A Little Something for Times When the Process Becomes Too Hard, Too Boring, Too Long …

I stumbled on a YouTube Vlog recently. It was the graduation ceremony of a very beautiful young lady who had just completed her doctorate degree and was getting inducted into the medical profession. It was a beautiful video. As usual, I scrolled through the comments and I saw people congratulating her, some gushing about how her life and her sister’s were enviable (cos you see, her sister too had been inducted into the pharmacy profession few years back at a very young age), and more than a few others commenting about how inspiring it was to see a woman so beautiful and yet so brainy.

As I watched the video, it struck me about how beautiful the end of a thing usually looks, especially when that thing is right. It could be an art you are drawing, an article you are writing, a project you are taking on, an event you are organizing or a degree you are studying for. Whatever it is, the end usually looks glorious.

Like this long-awaited end everyone’s been congratulating me for. 🙂

So, you see an art work and you are like ‘wow, this is so beautiful!’ or you see pictures from an event and you just wish to be like the convener. Everybody shares the end, because the end is beautiful. What you would rarely find anyone sharing is the process it takes to get to that end – the sometimes hard, sometimes boring, sometimes too long process it takes to finish that degree or that project or that event.

But there is always a process and that process is very, very important in your journey because that’s what makes the end worth it.

What do I mean? I’ll give two instances.

I’m currently reading this book. It’s titled ‘You Have A Brain’ by Ben Carson and there, like in most of his other books, Ben tells the story of how he, a young black boy in America, born into poverty, abandoned by his father, raised by a single mother, and labelled a class dummy went on to become a brain surgeon and head of pediatric neurosurgery at one of the world’s most respected medical training institutions – John Hopkins. As a result of the landmark surgeries that Ben took on in his career as a neurosurgeon, he’s been given several platforms to share his story and inspire others with it.

My point is, as a little boy, Ben Carson had always wanted to become a doctor but going forward, he had to go through the times of watching his father leave; being bullied in class; struggling with his family to keep their home; training his brain to becoming smart and going through med school before he became a doctor. Even then, he still had to take on a lot of tasking surgeries, some of which were painfully unsuccessful before he became the renowned neurosurgeon whose story we are reading about today. These processes were not attractive, at all, but without them, Ben’s story wouldn’t be half as interesting or as inspiring as it is.

Sometimes, I wish I could just skip to the end too, of a phase I’m in and just begin living the vision I see of that end, but I know that the process of becoming, even though it’s sometimes hard, boring and long is what makes that end worth it. I know this again because I watched Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy is one of my favorite series of all time. When I just started watching it, I saw seasons 1-5 at a stretch and while I was waiting to find someone who had season 6, I began watching some clips of it on YouTube. There, I discovered that at the end of that season, there would be an hospital shooting – an episode a lot of people described as one of the most emotional and intense episodes in the series, particularly because of the death of one person –  a doctor called Charles Percy. Because of this, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the complete season and watch it.

When I eventually did, I was so much in a hurry to get to the end that after I watched episodes 1-5 of  season 6 (just to get acquainted with the characters), I jumped straight to episode 24, which was the hospital shooting. The episode was intense and I watched the death of Charles Percy, but his death wasn’t painful to me at all (as it was to a lot of people) because I didn’t know who Charles Percy was. His character had only been introduced into the series at the beginning of season 6 and had been developed through all the episodes, up till the time of his death at the end, but I didn’t know him, because I skipped the season and went straight to the end.

Would I have enjoyed the end of season 6 more if I hadn’t skipped it? Definitely yes! And that season taught me that when you know the story behind a thing, it makes the ending more interesting.

When you know the story behind a thing, it makes the ending more interesting.

The process you are going through right now might not be attractive. But there is an end. There is an end to this phase you currently are and because God’s plans for us are good, that end is good. If you have a vision in your head of how this end might look like, keep that in your front of your eyes always and let it motivate you to keep pushing; to keep writing; to keep drawing; to keep studying; to keep going. The people you might be admiring right now, they go through their own processes too and our lives are not over yet, which means there will still be more phases, more processes, more endings. But at the end of everything, it’s those processes that make the endings worth it and our stories worth telling.

I really hope that this reaches out to someone. The nudge I got to write this as I dressed up for work this morning was so strong, I just had to share it. If this article spoke to a season you are in, please let me know in the comments. I would looove to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to share with your followers and friends who might need to read this.

Talk to you later?

Love 💛,


pS: If you can, please get the book ‘You Have A Brain’ by Ben Carson and read it. It is one of the best books I’ve read this year and I will definitely share more lessons I got from it with you later.

ppS: If you are currently going through a hard, boring, long process and you are so tired of this phase, there is this song. It’s called ‘Seasons’ by Hillsong. That song is hope – written for such a time as this. You should try listening to it.

I love you.

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