Beyond the Surface: Our Self Esteem Development Project 2018.

Our self-esteem development project for 2018 is themed ‘Beyond the Surface’ and the aim is to help young girls see that there is way more to them than how they look, to encourage them to live their lives maximally and not define their worth based on their physical appearances.

Our plan is to get this message out and teach as many young girls as we can, through physical outreaches and digital platforms. For a start, we hosted a successful hangout on the 6th of October, 2018 with a couple of teenagers in Ota, Ogun State. It was a really fun hangout where we played, learned, shot photos for the campaign we intended to run online and made a cool video too.

Our next course of action is pushing the message online through the #beyondthesurfacecampaign on digital platforms, such as this blog, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.  We already got a lot of messages from people who have been impacted by this project, so we are imploring as many people as can join us to help promote this campaign online.

What to do?

.1. We’ll be sharing creeds. These are like personal affirmations where we tell people that despite what we look like, fine girl or not, there is so much more to us. You too can write out yours, take a picture with it and tag us or send it to us (via Instagram DM or email –, with a beautiful picture of you and we’ll make a campaign photo out of it for you.

.2. We’ll be sharing stories on the blog of people who despite having a stereotypical physical appearance are living their lives as healthy, happy people. No, these people do not have to be celebrities – just anyone like me & you who isn’t defining their lives based on how they physically look like.  If you know anyone or you are one and would like to share your story with us too, please reach out. We can’t wait to share the ones we already have with you.

.3. Other ways to promote our project without directly participating would be by reposting our posts, pictures, and videos, tagging people to learn from what we share, sponsoring our physical outreaches and inviting us to teach young girls about self-esteem in your community, school, event or any other sphere of influence you have.

The campaign starts Saturday, 15th December 2018. Kindly follow and @seunolagunju on Instagram if you are yet to. Thank you!

If it's worth sharing, spread it.