About Me

Hiiii, I’m Seun Olagunju, but you can also call me Tirzah. It’s an Hebrew name meaning God’s delight and it is pronounced /ti:za/ with a silent r.

I’m really just a simple girl who loves to teach and tell stories. Gosh! I am such a story teller but it’s good because now, I have a blog that people love, on which I tell stories and basically just share the things I learn on life, love and sex. If by reading my stories, you get inspired to become more and/or you get more enlightened on some avoidable common life mistakes, then I would have achieved my aim for starting the blog in the first place.

a little more about me

I studied English at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife {no, that’s not why I like writing} but presently, I work in Corporate communications, where I help organizations and entrepreneurs create content strategies, develop content and digitally market them, so that their stories, products and services can be made aware to the public and they can generate leads from social platforms.

As a social entrepreneur, I also work in development where I help young, underprivileged teenagers, especially girls get through life more confidently and avoid some common life mistakes by teaching, reaching out and giving to them through my blog and social projects.

I started this blog in 2015, failed at it and started again. One thing that has kept me thus far is how much I really love sharing this space with you; I love talking to people and I really love it when you reach out and talk to me too; I love it when I talk about self esteem (I could talk about it all day!); I love it when I talk about Jesus; I love it when I get an opportunity to give back to people; I love to read books, buy books and other bookish related things, like journals, sticky notes, pretty black ball pens and highlighters. I also really really love plantain.

I could say more, but even I am still in a place of self exploration and discovery. I’m on a journey to living my life purposefully, one day at a time and making tremendous impact in somebody’s life while at it. You’ll get to know more about me from the things I share here.

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