4 Lessons to Pick From Francine Rivers’ ‘Redeeming Love’ + a Christmas Giveaway!

This would be the second book I’ve finished reading this month and the second time I’m reading this particular book. Just like the first time, I closed the last page with a big heave. I mean, it’s just the story of a broken girl who found love in a man she didn’t deserve, or so I thought but reading it the second time opened my eyes to some messages I missed at first.  Ignore that it’s a fictional story, these lessons are so real to me. They revolve around the theme of brokenness and finding purpose and today, I’d love to share them with you.

  • God loves the broken:

Sometimes, we feel as though the mistakes that we have made or the decisions that we have taken in the past have made us a lost cause. We are broken, just like a pot of clay carelessly handled. Some of us live our lives like victims, choked by the guilt of what we have done or what others have done to us.

In the book, the girl ‘Angel’ was just like that. At birth, her own father rejected her and her mum died from trying to hold unto both of them. Angel grew up thinking that if her mum had just aborted her as her father wanted, she wouldn’t have died when she did. When she was 8, she was sold into the hands of a pedophile, who not only slept with her but gave her body to other men as a trophy. Then she ran from him and ended up in the hands of a woman who ran a brothel, where she lived the most of her teenage years as a prostitute. A beautiful prostitute. By the time Angel was 20, she had slept with countless men, including her own father; aborted babies and had womb removed. She was broken, until she met Micheal.

Now, I don’t want to summarize the entire book to you, but this is important. ‘While everyone else saw Angel as filthy, God, through Micheal saw her as nothing but His beloved.’

This just confirms to me something that I already knew and have experienced: “Irrespective of the mess that you have been through, God does not see you that way. He loves you and is willing to let His beautiful light shine through your cracks, if you let Him.’

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  • Your Wholeness/Fulfillment is not in a man:

Over the years, I’ve learnt that one of the most common places we tend to seek fulfillment or happiness is in man. (*Man in this context, refers to both women and men. However for the purpose of this book, I’ll streamline it to just the men.) It is a misconception that you are not complete until you are married. Likewise, it is a misconception, that a man, no matter his caliber or how deep in love you are with each other, can make you fulfilled.

In the book, Micheal was a man after God’s own heart. He never did anything without hearing from God and his decision to marry Angel was taken after God told him she was the one. Of course, he had been attracted to her from the beginning but he didn’t start his pursuit until God told him so. Now, Angel with everything she had been through was a hard wall but Micheal loved her. He loved so much and was willing to break through that wall, no matter what. One of the sacrifices he took to prove to her that he was different from other men was refusing to sleep with her though he wanted to, even after they were married. He wanted her to understand that his love was not as shallow as just being after her body. He wanted her to understand that her past didn’t matter. He loved her unconditionally and he loved her even when she had nothing to offer in return.

Yet Angel was not made whole. Even after her walls began to crumble and she fell in love with him, she still always felt like a something was missing in her. Her past continued to haunt her and she would run from Micheal again and again, until she met God.

Again, I don’t want to summarize the entire book but this brings me to my second lesson. ‘Angel found wholeness when she met God. The circumstances were unlikely, but God was there to help her even when she didn’t believe in Him. Like clay in the hands of a potter therefore, the only person that can truly fix our brokenness is God.’

  • There is only one way to find your purpose:

I strongly believe that there is reason for our existence. Each and every one of us. When we buy a shoe or a dress or a phone, we buy them to perform certain functions. If an object can have a purpose, how much more us? Having understood that, another major question commonly raised is how to find that purpose. I’ve been learning that just like the creator of a thing is in the best place to tell you what a thing is for, so is the God the best person to go to with that question of finding purpose.

In the book, after Angel met God, she was also faced with the question of what He would have her do with her life. At this point, she had left Micheal and was living with a rich Christian family somewhere in California.

NOTE: Angel didn’t realize that her life was made for more, until she found God. All the while, she had thought she couldn’t do anything else asides prostitution.

While some of us are still being blinded by our past, some of us have already come to realize that there is a purpose attached to our lives. Now, just like Angel, take that question to God and let Him, through His Spirit reveal what it is to you. Your purpose simply is God’s will for your life, per time. For Angel, it just came as a strong conviction in her heart that she could help other prostitutes learn skills with which they could live a decent life and make a living. She then got sponsors who helped her build a home (House of Magdalena) for this cause.

So, lesson #3: ‘To find your purpose, you need to know God. Take that question to Him and He will, by His spirit reveal what it is to you.’

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  • In Becoming, You sometimes don’t have to be the one with the vision:

Sometimes, our purpose may come with an assignment. This assignment may be to open a blog, start a fellowship, commence a talk show, create a network, organize an event, etc. Don’t get it twisted. Your primary purpose still remains one thing and I believe that is to build/promote God’s kingdom, even with the different assignments we’ve been given.

In Angel’s case, her assignment was to build a home for fallen women where they can learn how to make a decent living. She shared this vision with her friend,  Susanna, who immediately bought into it.

NOTE: At the time, Susanna was also asking God to reveal her purpose to her and she took it as His will for her to support Angel’s vision.

Now, when the time came for Angel to return back to her husband, she convincingly handed the House of Magdalena to Susanna, who ran it until her death many years later.

Was Susanna the pioneer or owner of the vision? No, but she understood that ‘Purpose is simply doing God’s will and if His will for that time was to support somebody else, she would do it and that was what she did.’


So did you learn something today? You can share it with me in the comment box below.


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  • Hi Minister Seun. I started reading my Read the Bible on one year plan today and I got something from Gen. 1:1-2. I saw that passage in another perspective. That God created the earth from nothing. The earth was basically without form and can be seen as useless until God stepped in and made something beautiful out of it. God can make a beautiful life out from anybody. No matter how messed up you think your life is, God the creative father can redesign your life into something unimaginable. All you have to do is Let Him.
    ESE ma.
    Happy New Year guys.