1 Significant Reason You Should Love Your Body Just The Way It Is

I have been insecure about many parts of my body in the past. The most significant one would be my boobs though and I already shared that with you here. I’ve however been able to overcome these insecurities over the years and have been trying to help others as well overcome theirs. Last weekend though, something happened and I’ll quickly share the story with you guys.

I was at home, jejely preparing to take a bath, with my towel around me, when my mum said ‘Is Seun even getting fatter or thinner?’ Apparently, she was talking to my siblings, who didn’t even let her finish before they all agreed I was getting thinner. To make matters worse, my mum said, ‘She doesn’t even look thinner to me, she looks like she has …’ then she started gesturing with her hands before she continued, ‘…like she has shrunk.’

Whoa! That wasn’t a compliment, was it? Of course it wasn’t.

You see, lately, a lot of people have been expressing their concerns over how lean I was looking. Apparently, my clavicles have become more prominent, my clothes no longer fit and the worst of all, I seem to have lost my appetite for good food. So despite all my ‘love your body’ message, I got scared. I mean, if the countless number of times I had to check myself in the mirror or the fact that I willingly agreed to use multivitamins {drugs} was anything to go by, then it meant my mum’s comments really got to me.

But the fear didn’t just start with that comment. I had been harboring it since I looked up ‘symptoms of cancer’ some years ago. Now while that may sound funny, the truth is ‘ignorance sometimes is bliss’, cos ever since I looked up those symptoms, should I find any small thing that looks related like this, the stupid thought will just crawl again into my mind. So, you can imagine how I felt when my mum said I had shrunk. Eeeei! I was scared, but I knew the devil, yeah? That wasn’t the first time he’d be pulling such stupid tactics on me. At this point, I’m even tempted to tell you guys the story of when I hit my head on a pole and thought I was going to die, just because I had read the story of a woman who hit her head on ice and died. Lol. I already shared it here though on day 3 of 31, so I’ll just skip that.

Anyway, in the middle of all thoughts however, I got led to read psalm 139. I had read it before and it’s undoubtedly one of my favorite chapters but the urge to read it again was just so strong on Saturday and so I did. It was from there I got the following, which I’ll share with you today.

So Psalm 139 vs 13 – 16 says: {Of course I’ve paraphrased it to make it more personal and I’ll advise you do the same}

“Seun, God formed your inward parts;

He knitted you together in your mother’s womb and made no mistake. 

Remember to praise God therefore, even when you don’t feel like it, for you are wonderfully and fearfully made;

Your frame wasn’t hidden from God, When you were being made in secret, Intricately woven in the depths of the earth.

God’s eyes saw your unformed substance, Seun and wrote in His books every single day that was formed for you, even before you lived out a single one.”

Gosh! I just had to read that over and over again. For someone who had just looked at her body and wished she could add more weight, this was spot-on! Like, I don’t even know how to explain it to you people. It felt as though God saw all those thoughts in my heart and just led me to this scripture.

So quickly, if you are here and you hate some parts of your body too, here is that one significant thing you should take out from the verses above.

  • God formed you 

Jeez! Did you catch that? {Let’s read it again. Slowly this time}

God – formed – you.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever seen a hill or the body of water at the beach and you just stared in awe at how magnificent they looked? Well, truth is, that’s how those things are staring right back at you.

You are not less magnificent or beautiful in comparison to them and If the amount of attention God took in creating you was even anything to go by, then it means you are even more than they are.

God formed you. He knew you before you were conceived and knitted you carefully, vein upon vein, cell after cell, bone after bone in your mum’s womb, without making a mistake.

Often times, we’ve heard people laugh at others who are extremely dark-skinned, saying such things as ‘God must have forgotten them in the oven He used to bake us. That’s why they turned out burnt?’ Well, not only is that statement wrong as God never used an oven to bake us; it’s also insulting, as it explicitly implies that God forgot – which is literally impossible.

So, irrespective of how you turned out {skin color, body features, height and all}, know that was exactly how God intended you be.

I could add more and more words to make this ending overly motivating, but I won’t. The message is simple, “Love your body. God didn’t make a mistake while creating it.”

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This was what I found and thought to share with you. I really hope that this brings you, at least a step closer to seeing your body in a mirror and blowing a kiss at it.

Self esteem - Seun Olagunju

Now, I’d like to hear from you too. Was this helpful? Could you relate with anything or do you still feel insecure about any parts of your body? Do tell.  🙂

Till later then,

With Love and plenty kisses,


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Author: Seun Olagunju

I'm just a simple 24-year-old girl, living for One and working to make the world a better place than I met it. I love to teach and tell stories, which is what I do as a blogger. I'm also the founder of Beyond the Surface Development Initiative. There, I reach out to teenagers by educating and empowering them, with an aim to curb the increasing number of teenage pregnancies and school drop-outs in Nigeria. When I'm not writing or involved in a social project, I work as a Product Manager with a tech firm in Lagos, Nigeria.

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  • Lovely. I’ve lost tremendous weight too and feels good to be reminded that I was divinely formed but I’m sure God’s plan for my body is something of the opposite. Gotta get my kitchen-walk right.

    • ‘Kitchen-walk’? Is that even a thing. Please tell me about it o. Lol. Plus, it’s a good thing you are certain about what God’s plans for your body are, I mean. That, in itself is reassuring.

  • God knows i have NEVER added weight. but i love my body like that.
    Team #loveyourbodybae.#God made no mistake creating me.

  • Thank you for this ma’am.
    I have friends that have been trying to get me to the gym just cos they believe I’ll get “curvy” lol. I actually used to feel some type of way then but I don’t really care now.
    I mean, God is intentional about the way I look too. I don’t look like this for no reason…
    Plus I don’t even eat like a normal person so….