What To-Do When You’re Feeling Down {+My Gratitude List!}

This morning, I left my house with a very heavy heart. For good reasons, I won’t give you guys the full details of what happened but it involved someone very, very, close to me and a realization that things might not just be as fine as I’ve assumed they are. It felt like I had been living an illusion all along, simply because I wasn’t the one putting food on my table and all of a sudden, someone flashed reality before me and it wasn’t pretty. So, through the ride to work, I was very sad. I wanted to smile, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t cry either. On the outside, I was just numb but inside, in my mind, a lot of things were going on.

You know how different negative thoughts begin to flood your mind on days when things are not going so well? Yeah, that was exactly how it was.

In the middle of all those negative thoughts, however, and in a very rowdy bus, I heard someone say gently to me “Seun, be grateful for the things you have.” Those gentle words came from within me and they calmed me. Instead of those negative things, I then started thinking of how good God has really been to me and realized that irrespective of how uncomfortable some things may seem now, I really do have a lot to be grateful for.

It’s like some times the devil tries to throw hard rocks at us. These rocks may come in the form of an academic setback, financial problems, family issues, or something, anything and the devil throws them, trying to see if they’ll weigh us down. And sometimes they do. But, as I learnt today, even in those times, always remember that you still have reasons (even if it’s just one, you still have reasons) to be grateful.

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I honestly have no idea why I’m writing this post, like it’s unplanned, but when things like this happen, I know someone, somewhere needs to read this. So, if are that person:

Gratitude | Tirzah's blog

Gratitude | Tirzah's blog

Today, I’m going to share my gratitude list with you. Of course, not everything. I mean, the list is innumerable, so I’ll just share like 12 things on it – some of which I’m sure you too would have on your gratitude list, if you can take out time to prepare one.

Are you ready? Let’s go.

  • I’ve got God and He’s got me.

Like this is the very first thing! I feel like the only reason I can breathe right now, even after what happened this morning, is because I know God is right here with me, as He is with my family.

I can’t even count how many times God has showed up for me in the past. Throughout school, I barely had a sustainable allowance, yet I never for once lacked food to eat. It was extraordinary, the things I enjoyed back in school and it still is, even now that I’m out of it. So, like I said before, I can breathe fine, only because I know that God is here with me and He is my source of everything, no matter what.

I can’t fail when God’s got me. I can’t fall. I can’t miss it. God’s got me and I’m grateful I KNOW.

  • I’m alive, healthy & sane

This 3-in-1 reason will always make it into my gratitude list and if you think they are the same thing, they are not.

Every morning, on my way to work, I pass by a particular place called ‘Ikeja Along’. There, I find all kinds of people, some of whom can’t afford to work, because they are very sick and can’t even lift themselves off the floor.  Some others can work, but you can tell it’s awfully inconvenient because they’ve lost some parts of their bodies. Some others are so badly disfigured that you can’t even bring yourself to look at them as you pass and there are some, who look fine but they are not, because they keep laughing to themselves, while they walk around naked.

You know, we enjoy certain privileges that we sometimes overlook. So, yes, I’m grateful, very grateful to be alive, healthy and sane.

  • I actually have a good place to stay

Last week Friday, a friend & I, in a bid to avoid traffic, passed through a particular place in Lagos. By the time we passed, it was already dark and we could see kids, some sitting, some playing, outside their houses with lanterns and they seemed fine, except for one thing. Their houses had been half-demolished by the government because they wanted to widen the road.

The houses were really in bad shape, when we saw them – exposed not just to passersby but also to thieves and heavy rain. The thought of that alone is enough to get the affected families scared, but they don’t have a choice, do they? That’s their house. And still, there are some people who do not even have houses. I’ve found myself asking plenty times, ‘where do these people go to when it get really dark or cold?’

So, yes, I’m grateful that I actually have a good place to stay. Talk about another privilege we sometimes overlook.

I actually need to get my own camera, so I can take these pictures myself and show you guys.

Quickly, I’ll just run over the remaining 9:

-I’m grateful for the opportunity to breathe freely and eat whenever I feel like.

-I’m grateful for the path God has placed me on and the woman I am becoming.

-I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead, to teach and to give to other people.

-I’m grateful for the relationships and friends I’ve got in my life right now.

-I’m grateful for the kind of family I have and yes, even the country God has placed me. There are certain things I enjoy as a woman in Nigeria that a lot of women (even men) do not enjoy just because of where they were born.

-I’m grateful I’m human . . . not a goat, a chicken or one of those ants we kill without even thinking.

-I’m grateful I met and accepted Christ, when I did.

-I’m also grateful I get to work under A.C. {I mean yesterday when I was going home, a guy accusingly pointed out to me that since I was privileged to be working under A.C., I had no right to tell him to move his goods from the road! I must have looked liked it for him to say that and even if he had meant it as an insult, I’m glad he pointed it out. }

-I’m really grateful for everything that I have.

So, breathe. Now, it’s your turn. What are those things you are grateful for? You can share a few of them with me in the comments but beyond here, you should sit down on your own, close your eyes and reflect. Whatever it is you are grateful for, write them out somewhere, so you can deliberately refer to them the next time it seems the devil is throwing rocks at you.

On the fun side, if you choose to share your gratitude list on social media, feel free to tag me! I’m @seunolagunju on Instagram, @seun_olagunju on twitter and Seun Olagunju M. on Facebook.

Till later guys, stay grateful.



PS: I just started listening to Chris Tomlin’s ‘Good, Good Father’ and I love it!!!


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  • Thanks for bringing me back to my senses cos all i have been seeing are things God has not done for me neglecting the ones he has done ignoring the fact that they out number the ones he hasn’t.
    keep it up Seun and keep making impact.

  • I am grateful for everything I was, I am now and I will become in the future. It could only have been God to brine me this far.

    Dear Lord, forgive me the times I’ve asked more than I’ve thanked you for.