The Lady Blooming Hangout 2.0: Full Recap + What We Learnt + Photos!

When the nudge of hosting a hangout for my TLB tribe came to me, I was excited but also a little bit scared. I was scared because we had never before, hosted a hangout right at the beginning of the year when most of our members would usually be in school. There was also that familiar nervousness that washes over me every time I have to organize an event, such as this. However, irrespective of how I felt, I knew we were going to have it anyway. I had been talking about it since last year and couldn’t afford to push it any further. I put out the first word on the group and almost immediately, a few members texted me, to signify their attendance and willingness to help me plan. That was my cue! Though we had such a short time to plan, limited funding (the testimony of which I will share with you going forward), and a political campaign that threatened to shut down roads in Lagos & restrict movement, we pulled off the hangout on Saturday, the 9th of February, 2019 and it was amazing! Here are a few favorite highlights in pictures.

The idea had been to do something really casual and so, we thought to have a picnic. We came prepared with our blankets and all but when the venue offered a free hut, who were we to say no? I mean, the sun could have fried us that day anyway, so, we opted for the hut and had a casual round table instead. Though venue protocol required that the hut had to be booked ahead of time or vacated once the people who’d booked it arrived, nobody showed up to bounce us out and we ended up using it for free, full time.

We started by introducing ourselves and sharing some of our most mind-blowing experiences since we came into our relationship with God. This set a good ground for thanksgiving and so, we delved into worship right after!

Then we had a few games and ate, because what’s a hangout without food and charade, right?

What we Learnt: {Journal Session}

One of my favorite sessions at the hangout definitely was the part where we had to journal. I already knew what we were going to talk and write about, way before the hangout. I had gotten the impression one time during a personal study of the Bible, to reflect on what it meant to have a father who is God. The answers were profound and they helped me see myself in a clearer, better light. So, I shared it with the girls too.

We asked ourselves – ‘if my dad were the president of Nigeria, what would that mean for me?’ Every lady there had something to say, ranging from how (i) we would never lack anything (ii) we would always have security and escorts, to how (iii) opportunities would be provided for us wherever we want them, etc. We then used the same context to think of the kind of lives we should be living, if indeed we have a father who is God.

This session was special to me because it was very revealing. One of the girls talked about her constant fear of death, but how she knows now that if indeed her father is God, then it means she would always have security and angelic escorts around her. Another girl talked about how she feels alone and without family, but how she knows now that if indeed her father is God, it means she has a family, that she is loved and that He is going to provide everything she needs, including a home. To yet another girl, having a father who is God means that she is a god herself and on and on, we talked, pouring our hearts open till a few of us almost started crying.

I would urge you to take this exercise too, using the template we’ve provided up there. If anything, I know it’s going to help you see and carry yourself in a confident and assured perspective this year, 2019.

What we Learnt: {Word Session}

After the journaling session, we had a brief word session where we learnt about ‘bloom’. I had received this message as instructions which were then passed on to everyone present. Instruction 1: If we really want to bloom this year, like a flourishing tree, we should stay rooted in God. We should strive for depth and even though, it might take us some time to surface in the open, because our roots are deep, we won’t be afraid of the wind (or whatever circumstance could come to shake us). Instruction 2: If we really want to bloom this year, like fruitful branches, we should stay connected to God. Staying connected means that the tree (which in this case is God) to whom we are connected is responsible for our everything – from feeding to health and direction. The moment we cut off, like any branch disconnected from its source, that is when we start to struggle and die.

We all then made a commitment to stay with God in the place of fellowship with His word and in prayers. However hard that gets, going forward in the year, we promised ourselves we’d try.

After this, we prayed and then we played more games and then we ate again. lol.

A Word for Each Girl:

This last activity was another favorite! We had written down God’s promises in tiny pieces of paper, beautifully wrapped. We then told each girl to pick, trusting that whatever anyone picked was what God would have her know concerning herself this season. After that, we read our words out loud to each other and I honestly can’t get over the excitement from some of the girls, about how very timely the word they had chosen was. 🙂

Pictures. Pictures. Pictures!

And so, we ended.

Personal Takeout & Shoutouts:

To say that God showed up for us is an understatement. God really went all out and showed up for us. Two days before the hangout and right after I had prayed that God should provide, I received an alert from a source I had thought was no show. The money was just enough to cater to the hangout. Some of the ladies present also brought food and drinks, so we had even more than we expected. Also, protocols were broken for us at the venue and the political campaign we thought would restrict movement did not hold until much later. Ooh, did I add that it also did not rain?! That was a big prayer at the time, considering how we had prepared for a picnic. Anyway, all of these go to show me that God is very mindful of us and if His hand is in something, it will succeed.

Takeout: God is very mindful of us and if His hand is in something, it will succeed. Click To Tweet

Finally, I can’t end this without giving a shout-out to everyone who contributed, partook, supported and showed up for the hangout. Really, really love and appreciate you all. I mean, now that this is over, we can all breathe, right? 🙂

On a side note, if you missed the hangout, don’t worry, another will happen soon. For now, you can join our tribe here. Also, if you learnt something or you’d like to share what it means for God to be your father, please drop it in the comments. I would love to hear from you too.

Till later, with love.


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