The IAmBeautiful Campaign

This campaign is aimed at helping girls with a low self esteem redefine their self worth, and accept & love themselves just the way they are.

It starts with a creed. Here is how it works:

  1. You write out your creeds (a written declaration of how beautiful you are, no matter the circumstances, e.g, “it doesn’t matter how many compliments I receive in a day. Whether or not I am complimented, I am Beautiful.)
  2. Hashtag the campaign, e.g  #IAmBeautiful
  3. Take a picture of yourself with it
  4. Put it up on social media (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc)
  5. Tag me on the following social platforms! >> @seunolagunju – IG, @seun_olagunju – twitter, Seun Olagunju M. – facebook

That’s it. Join our campaign and lets help other girls gain confidence too. Thank you. Check some of the campaign pictures below.

Meet Tife. Her creed made me see how we still sometimes measure our beauty or self worth by such things as how many guys give us a second look or stare as we walk by. Now, Tife knows that her confidence should be deeply rooted in the revelation of how beautiful God has made her and nothing else.


We tend to feel insecure about ourselves if no guy asks us out in a year, right? Right. and that’s what spurred Bukky’s creed







_i battled with


anita's campaign pic


What’s your creed?

If it's worth sharing, spread it.