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Don’t Have Much? 4 Ways to Manage Those Few Clothes {& Still Feel Good!}

I don’t pride myself as someone who has too many clothes. Maybe now, I’m a bit better (even though I still never find anything to wear whenever I have an event) but at some point in my life, I could literally count how many good clothes I had. Throughout my first 2-3 years in Uni, most of the clothes I had were courtesy of my beautiful cousins – aunty Taiwo & Kenny Olorunsogo; my friends from whose wardrobes I always stole from {Ope Harun and Debby, hope you guys are seeing this}; and a few other big sisters {like Funto Ibuoye, Tope Omotayo & Ife Omotosho} whose clothes just always found their way to me, somehow. Thank you, guys! Read more

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Social Media Hypocrisy: How Exactly Is Your Life OFF-line?

Sincerely guys, the way I feel writing this post, I can only hope that words would properly convey them exactly to you. I have always felt that the rate at which people live ‘fake’ lives online these days is saddening, but I didn’t think it was something that should urgently be addressed until I found this picture, while scrolling through the net on Friday. Read more

Birthday Tag: #21 Things About Me You Probably Don’t Know

Hi guys, so my birthday was yesterday and I have decided to do a birthday tag. It’s not a part of the series of lessons I’m sharing this month but I’ve decided to share these with you guys today, just so you, my Yadayada family can know me a little bit better. I know some of you might find some of these things funny, maybe even ridiculously unbelievable, but then here we go: Read more

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5 Lessons I Learnt About Finances as an Undergraduate With a Monthly Allowance of Less Than 10k

Hey Family,

We still haven’t chosen a name to call ourselves o. Is Yadians okay? You guys let me know what you think. Sincerely, writing these posts have been reflective for me. It’s made me see that my life is a story book of Grace, adventure, mistakes and a lot of experiences. Quite a lot for a 20 year old if you ask me. One day, I’ll write my biography and you guys will read all about it. For now however, I’ll just share a couple of lessons I picked along the way. Already, I’ve shared the first five on this list, as derived from an addiction I once had with sex. Today, I’m sharing another five, this time on finances. We all need these. Read more

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5 Lessons I Learnt From My Sexual Addictions

Hello family,

Welcome to October. This month, I’m going to do a couple of single posts, revolving around some lessons I’ve learnt over the past twenty years of my life. This first one is on addictions. In the broken series, I shared with you some of my struggles with sexual addictions, especially watching pornography, masturbating and creating sex scenes in my mind. If you are here and you are struggling with any of these as well, you can read my story here or here. There, I’ve also shared how I got over each one. Read more

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Becoming #3: Why Am I Doing The Things I’m Doing?

Heeeellllo you! I hope you are fine. Personally, I’m not. Something happened this morning that kinda weighed me down. So, I was critiqued on something I do with all my heart and it really pained me. However, I’m learning that sometimes, on our journey to becoming excellent at work, fulfilling purpose, being great spouses to someborri or great parents, we’ll get critiqued and corrected (maybe even on the things we thought we were doing right). It is so so easy to get weighed down but lets learn instead to work round these feelings, take corrections, apply them and use them to our advantage. Wow! so much for a digression!  Oya, let’s get right into today’s question: Why Am I Doing The Things I’m Doing? Read more

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Beautified #5: . . . But I have Small Boobs (My Story)

Hi guys, now this one is mine. It’s quite bare and sensitive but writing it made it really easy. As a teen, I had doused myself in pornography and a loooot of romance novels. Because of this, the idea of a woman’s sexuality to me was never completely defined without large boobs.  So, when it became apparent while growing up that I wasn’t going to have large boobs, I became really insecure. Read more