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Don’t Have Much? 4 Ways to Manage Those Few Clothes {& Still Feel Good!}

I don’t pride myself as someone who has too many clothes. Maybe now, I’m a bit better (even though I still never find anything to wear whenever I have an event) but at some point in my life, I could literally count how many good clothes I had. Throughout my first 2-3 years in Uni, most of the clothes I had were courtesy of my beautiful cousins – aunty Taiwo & Kenny Olorunsogo; my friends from whose wardrobes I always stole from {Ope Harun and Debby, hope you guys are seeing this}; and a few other big sisters {like Funto Ibuoye, Tope Omotayo & Ife Omotosho} whose clothes just always found their way to me, somehow. Thank you, guys! Read more

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4 Ways {You Don’t Know} Social Media is Affecting Your Self-Esteem

Some weeks ago, a friend of mine edited a picture using Instagram-filters and in her caption, she had called Instagram an app. Then I thought, Instagram is just an app. Instagram really is just an app – Like the google play store and photo gallery. The only difference being that since we spend so much time on this app, it kinda now has an influence over us, even if we don’t know. It’s affecting the way we act, like that guy who lied to impress his online friends, what we think of others and consequently, how we begin to see and carry ourselves too. Read more

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1 Significant Reason You Should Love Your Body Just The Way It Is

I have been insecure about many parts of my body in the past. The most significant one would be my boobs though and I already shared that with you here. I’ve however been able to overcome these insecurities over the years and have been trying to help others as well overcome theirs. Last weekend though, something happened and I’ll quickly share the story with you guys. Read more

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5 Lessons I Learnt From My Struggle With a Low Self Esteem

Hi guys,

October ends today. (Actually, it’s November 1st, but I was supposed to put this up yesterday, so let’s just assume we are still a day back in time, shall we?) I hope you guys are fine. I am. October was good and I’m already anticipating what God has in store for November. I hope you are too.  Today, I’m going to be sharing with you the last lessons in this month’s series. This one is on self-esteem. Read more

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Beautified #5: . . . But I have Small Boobs (My Story)

Hi guys, now this one is mine. It’s quite bare and sensitive but writing it made it really easy. As a teen, I had doused myself in pornography and a loooot of romance novels. Because of this, the idea of a woman’s sexuality to me was never completely defined without large boobs.  So, when it became apparent while growing up that I wasn’t going to have large boobs, I became really insecure. Read more