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4 Inspiring Women │1 Question: How do You Deal With Negative Emotions Such as Pride When They Show Up?

Hey, it’s the first day in March and I am super pumped about the series we’ll be exploring this month. However, before we put a wrap to last month’s series on quietness, I did promise you guys in this post that I’d ask a couple of our social media influencers if they also get overwhelmed by negative emotions sometimes and of course, how they curb them. Today, I’m sharing the answers I got from asking these 4 very inspiring women, who are doing well in their different assignments that question. Read more

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#Quietness: 3 ‘Unwanted’ {& Undisclosed} Feelings You May Get After Doing Something Amazing.

Have you ever done something amazing before? Like help a friend out with lunch, organize an outreach to the needy, or simply volunteered for a social project? Well I have. One of them was being invited to speak at a youth program last weekend about self esteem! I loved every minute BUT contrary to what we see on social media, I also realized that it really isn’t every time we do something amazing that we feel excited or fulfilled. Sometimes, we are just tired, overwhelmed or a couple of other unwanted feelings, like the 3 I’m sharing with you today. Read more

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Becoming #5: What Do I Need To Do These Things?

Hola guys,

First, I’d like to say a big thank you to Christy Ojo for taking time out to write today’s post. Like me, she is also a recent graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University where she studied Microbiology. Christy is a bag of plenty talents and as a new writer for Yadayada, I’m glad to have her on board. You guys will get to know her better with time. For now, I’ll just gonna stop talking and let you learn from her answers to question no 5: Read more

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Becoming #3: Why Am I Doing The Things I’m Doing?

Heeeellllo you! I hope you are fine. Personally, I’m not. Something happened this morning that kinda weighed me down. So, I was critiqued on something I do with all my heart and it really pained me. However, I’m learning that sometimes, on our journey to becoming excellent at work, fulfilling purpose, being great spouses to someborri or great parents, we’ll get critiqued and corrected (maybe even on the things we thought we were doing right). It is so so easy to get weighed down but lets learn instead to work round these feelings, take corrections, apply them and use them to our advantage. Wow! so much for a digression!  Oya, let’s get right into today’s question: Why Am I Doing The Things I’m Doing? Read more

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Becoming #2: Can I Really Do This Thing I Should Be Doing?

Hi guys, this is the second question of the Becoming series. Today, I’m answering the question “Can I really Do This Thing I should Be Doing?” and I’m assuming that you already know what those things are. However, if you are here and you have no clue on what exactly your life is about, you should read the first post right here. For the main time, don’t worry. You are not alone. Purpose is a journey and we are all on our way to fulfilling it. Read more

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Becoming #1: What Exactly Am I Doing With My Life?

Hi guys. This month, I’m going to be teaching on a new series I’ve tagged Becoming. Frankly, I tried giving it another name but ‘Becoming’ is kinda infringed in my head for anything related to our Purpose journey, so ‘becoming’ it is. In this series, I’ll be touching on the six most popular questions related to fulfilling purpose and this is the first of the pack, dedicated to everyone who has ever thought they aren’t doing anything worthwhile with their lives. I hope you learn something. Read more