But we’re in March!│Starting Something You’ve Always Wanted to Do.

I recently started something. It’s an online fellowship for young ladies and teenagers that creates a platform for us to learn from one other and teach one another as we grow into the women that God has created us to be. Taking this step was very big for me because: (1) I had never envisioned doing that before and (2) I wasn’t a member of any fellowship prior to that time, so I really didn’t know how it worked. All I had was a conviction in my heart that this was what God would have me do and inspite of all the fears I had, I started and we are growing.

Now, this story is to say this. We all, at least most of us, have these dreams of the things we want to do or the person we want to become. I’m sure if I ask you now of that one thing you’ve always wanted to do, you’d have something to tell me. Could be starting your own blog, writing your book, launching your clothing line, releasing your song or starting your own talk show. It could even be starting something you’ve already done over again, like retaking JAMB just so you can study your dream course. I can’t really say these things for you. You know what they are but what I can say is that ‘your dreams are exactly what they are – dreams, floating like clouds until you begin to take actions that will bring them alive.’

For some of us, those actions require boldness and courage, for some of us money. On the other hand, some of us don’t even know what it takes to start at all and that’s why, throughout the month of March, I’d be interviewing a few friends who have just started something they’ve always wanted & together, we’ll learn from them.

Is that okay?

For me, starting The Lady Blooming has taught me that there are a lot of different platforms we can leverage on for those things we want to do, whether or not money is present. I have also learnt that having good friends around you is by far a greater currency than money. My friend, Orejesu, for instance, really encouraged me when I told her of my fears – one of them including being afraid to publicize on social media cos I thought a lot of people were doing the same thing. I also remember her calling me one night, all the way from Babcock Uni., to pray with me when she wasn’t even a member of the group yet.

So, from asking a few other people, I’m sure there will be one or two things to pick from their actions that’ll inspire or propel us to start those things we ought to be doing.  These interviews will come up once or twice every week and with a couple of other things I might be sharing with you as inspired, I believe we are in for an inspiring month!

Till later then. Don’t forget to check back often or subscribe if you haven’t. I know how it feels having to check on people’s blogs and not finding anything new. So subscribe. Also, if you have something you want to start but still holding back on, share with me. Who knows? I just might find someone within that field to share their story.

With Love.


If it's worth sharing, spread it.

Author: Seun Olagunju

Just a simple 23 year old all out to making an impact.

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