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What To-Do When You’re Feeling Down {+My Gratitude List!}

This morning, I left my house with a very heavy heart. For good reasons, I won’t give you guys the full details of what happened but it involved someone very, very, close to me and a realization that things might not just be as fine as I’ve assumed they are. It felt like I had been living an illusion all along, simply because I wasn’t the one putting food on my table and all of a sudden, someone flashed reality before me and it wasn’t pretty. So, through the ride to work, I was very sad. I wanted to smile, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t cry either. On the outside, I was just numb but inside, in my mind, a lot of things were going on. Read more

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4 Ways {You Don’t Know} Social Media is Affecting Your Self-Esteem

Some weeks ago, a friend of mine edited a picture using Instagram-filters and in her caption, she had called Instagram an app. Then I thought, Instagram is just an app. Instagram really is just an app – Like the google play store and photo gallery. The only difference being that since we spend so much time on this app, it kinda now has an influence over us, even if we don’t know. It’s affecting the way we act, like that guy who lied to impress his online friends, what we think of others and consequently, how we begin to see and carry ourselves too. Read more

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Social Media Hypocrisy: How Exactly Is Your Life OFF-line?

Sincerely guys, the way I feel writing this post, I can only hope that words would properly convey them exactly to you. I have always felt that the rate at which people live ‘fake’ lives online these days is saddening, but I didn’t think it was something that should urgently be addressed until I found this picture, while scrolling through the net on Friday. Read more

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1 Significant Reason You Should Love Your Body Just The Way It Is

I have been insecure about many parts of my body in the past. The most significant one would be my boobs though and I already shared that with you here. I’ve however been able to overcome these insecurities over the years and have been trying to help others as well overcome theirs. Last weekend though, something happened and I’ll quickly share the story with you guys. Read more

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It Should Not Have Taken a Whole Year to Start my Talk Show – Tola Okodugha

Last week, we featured Lara Oseni who recently launched her blog on the #startfirst series. Today, we are featuring Tola Okodugha. Tolla is a very young, beautiful and driven lady who also recently started her talk show ‘Talk with Tolla’ where she basically interviews budding entrepreneurs and then shares their lessons and stories with the rest of us. Read more

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#Start First: Why it Took me so Long to Finally Start my Dream Blog – Lara Oseni

This month, we’d be featuring a couple of people who recently started something they’ve always wanted to do. They’d be sharing with us the fears they had, as well as the motivation and lessons they’ve got since they pushed themselves to take that first step. When writing the list of those I would interview, I didn’t go looking for some way-over-the-top-person whose story you might not relate with. No. Rather, I compiled a list of guys who are just like you and me (some of them you might even know …or not) to show you that you don’t have to be influential or a millionaire before you can start what you’ve always wanted to do. Read more

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But we’re in March!│Starting Something You’ve Always Wanted to Do.

I recently started something. It’s an online fellowship for young ladies and teenagers that creates a platform for us to learn from one other and teach one another as we grow into the women that God has created us to be. Taking this step was very big for me because: (1) I had never envisioned doing that before and (2) I wasn’t a member of any fellowship prior to that time, so I really didn’t know how it worked. All I had was a conviction in my heart that this was what God would have me do and inspite of all the fears I had, I started and we are growing. Read more

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4 Inspiring Women │1 Question: How do You Deal With Negative Emotions Such as Pride When They Show Up?

Hey, it’s the first day in March and I am super pumped about the series we’ll be exploring this month. However, before we put a wrap to last month’s series on quietness, I did promise you guys in this post that I’d ask a couple of our social media influencers if they also get overwhelmed by negative emotions sometimes and of course, how they curb them. Today, I’m sharing the answers I got from asking these 4 very inspiring women, who are doing well in their different assignments that question. Read more