The Christmas Experiences I Can Never Forget + Photos From This Year’s Christmas.

Hi guys,

First off, I should wish you a happy new year in advance. Christmas is belated already but I hope that you enjoyed your day? Well, irrespective of the things going on in the country at the moment, I pray that this season brings to you lasting joy, peace and laughter, in Jesus’ name.

You know growing up, Christmas has always been something I looked forward to every year. I think I owe that anticipation to all the good, good things that came with the season – such as new clothes, fine hair {usually packing gel and telephone wire – who else did this?}, new shoes, glasses I thought were cool, vacations, end-of-the-year party at school, jollof rice, etc.

Looking back, I now laugh at some of the things my siblings and I did – like how we would wear our Christmas clothes and shoes all day, even if we were not going anywhere! It’s all so funny in retrospect, especially considering how now things have changed and honestly, I couldn’t be bothered about whether or not I got Christmas clothes.

Adulting can be boring at times. This year, I didn’t even think about Christmas until someone mentioned it at work like 3 days before. My braids were already looking rough and my Ankara was still sitting un-sewn in my wardrobe, but who cares?

Still, irrespective of this my newly attained I don’t care status, I still think of Christmas as special. It’s come with its own share of great, unforgettable memories, two of which I’m going to share with you guys today.

The first one is what I call the I-Almost-Got-Burnt Experience:

Honestly guys, this experience was not funny. It happened about two or three years ago.

My mum had woken up very early, so that she could start cooking Christmas food and as usual, she had woken us all up to assist her as well. So basically, everyone was up and doing, except my dad who was in his room.

Mum was in the kitchen. My younger sister was at the backyard assisting her and i was somewhere in the compound, maybe sweeping or something, when suddenly I heard my mum shout ‘fire, fire. Daddy Seun, come outside o. There is fire.’

Apparently, my mum was trying to light a stove when a loose, already lit wool had fallen into the kerosine. That wasn’t the first time something like that would be happening, so she assumed that after the initial explosion, everything will be fine. Contrary to her thoughts, the fire didn’t stop and before long, it had started to burn really wildly.

When my mum saw she couldn’t control the fire anymore, she carried the stove, alerted my younger sister to move out of the way and flung it out the back door. Now, I had heard my mum shout and was running towards the back door. Unfortunately, I got to the door at the exact moment when my mum threw out the stove and the whole thing just landed right on me!

Guys, how I didn’t catch fire, I do not know. All I know was that in a haze, the stove hit me, I pushed it away, it landed on a nearby plant, burnt the whole thing to the ground and my entire body was doused in kerosine.

Nothing was lost {except the plant and the stove} but till this day, I just cannot stop thanking God for what could have been a disastrous Christmas.

Moving on to the second experience.

I’ll call this one the Atleast-We-Could-Afford-To-Buy-Clothes Christmas:

Most times, when people see me, they just assume that I have always had things all smooth and easy. That’s a lie.

This particular incident happened when I was very young.

A few days before Christmas, my dad got a call that one of his trucks had been implicated in a tragic accident at the Republic of Benin and had been ceased by the police.

This news brought the family a lot of distress, particularly because one, that was our major source of livelihood. Two, the incident could have been avoided but for some reason, it wasn’t and my dad’s truck was unfortunately the only one ceased. Three, this was the first time that such would be happening outside the country (and a francophone country at that!) so, having the truck released would prove to be difficult and four, it was a few days to Christmas!

I was really young but I remember watching things change for my family during that period. My mum, who would usually buy her foodstuffs in plenty and store them at home, started sending me to buy one cup of rice for the entire family. One day, I looked at her and said, ‘mummy, but when did we start buying one cup of rice?’ She just looked back at me and smiled, as if to tell me that the situation would not last forever.

Anyway, Christmas day came. Dad couldn’t spend it with us because he had to travel to Cotonou but he and my mum tried everything they could to make sure we didn’t feel like paupers. Mumcy bought us clothes (not the usual type but it was something. I still remember mine. It was a carton brown ‘kinda’ suit.) and she made us rice.

Looking back, I remember how my sisters and I just sat in our flat all day eating and watching TV. Not one of us did so much as step into our neighbors’ flats to see what they cooked. Till today, my mum still says she is forever grateful that we did what we did and in retrospect, I think that experience taught me contentment.

Christmas this year.

I would say Christmas this year was fun, but that’s a lie. It was such a busy one. I spent the whole day cooking, serving and washing extra plates. Now, I’m here at 1:00am, sitting on the floor in my room, preparing this blog post.

Still, I enjoyed it sha. Dad got a ram (thank you dad), Mum made the most delicious jollof rice (thank you mum), NEPA gave us light 😮, had friends and cousins come over, got to eat plenty food and just enjoyed the day with my family.

By the time I left the backyard, I was just too tired to take any more pictures.

Anyway guys, that’s all for today. How did your Christmas go? Were you looking forward to it? Share it with the comments. Also, what is your most memorable Christmas experience? Share that with me in the comments too.

Till later, with love 💛💛,


pS: The blog got a new look and yes, I got my logo too!!! I’m actually another step ahead to actualizing the dream I have for Tirzah’s. I’m so excited, guys. Big shout out to everyone who worked on making this long-held idea of mine come to life – Lydia Edia, Olufemi Oye, Babatope Oni, Tobi Familoni and Bukola Okedele. Thank you all so much!😊

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