Frequently Asked Questions {FAQs}

Your Questions Answered 🙂

  • What do we do on Tirzah’s blog?

On this platform, I share every lesson I’m learning on my journey through life. Most of these lessons are derived from personal experiences, as well as that of other people. Here, I also discuss issues that cut across other categories, such as love and sex. All of which are then presented to you through stories, interviews and videos.

The aim is simple: It is to inspire, motivate and enlighten you, upon every visit you make on this blog.

  • What does Tirzah mean and how is it pronounced?

Tirzah is an Hebrew name meaning God’s delight and it is pronounced /ti:za/ with the silent r.

  • Is this a feminine blog?

No, it is not. I’m sorry if it struck you as one. The things I share through my write-ups and videos are actually for everybody.

  •  How do you access the videos from the blog?

You can watch all my videos on my YouTube channel. It’s called Tirzah.

  • Can you publish your posts on Yadayada?

Yes, you can. Your posts will be screened and then published on a different page, assigned for featured posts. References will be made to you and to your blog, if available.

  • Can you advertise on Yadayada?

Yes, you can. For advert placement, simply contact us at