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The Flesh #1:

Weekly Series from Micheal Umoh’s blog; ‘Wordly Living’

Our flesh is just a container of who we really are. Take a shoe for example; without your “physical” leg in it, the shoe is lifeless, but once you put your leg in it, it begins to move.
Now it is not the shoe that moves, but your leg WITHIN the shoe! Which means that without your leg, the shoe is LIFELESS. It can’t move by itself and the shoe isn’t really who you are, which means, you aren’t the clothes that you wear, you aren’t the car you drive, you aren’t the shoes that you wear because, without YOU, or any other being to use them, they are and will remain, LIFELESS. Do you agree with that? If yes, then…you understand what I am saying. So, ask yourself if your soul is not in this your physical body, how do you want to live? This means that the flesh really is nothing but a container holding that which you really are. Read more here.

The Flesh #2:

A lot of people could as well ask, if the flesh is just a container, why should the things that we do to the flesh affect who we really are?  Hmmm, good question. Let me ask you, using containers again. Imagine you had a car in one container and someone fired shots at the container. That is, RAINED shots at the container oh, do you think the car will still be in good shape?
Ah but why na, it was the container the person shot na, you understand where I’m going? In the same way, you hit your worn shoe on a large stone, you’ll feel the pain on your foot, mean while your shoe no follow you cry. You see where I’m going, the flesh is so needy but not willing to do any work at all. Have you ever tried to do something but there always seems to be a part of you that’ll prefer not to do anything at all but just sleep or lay idle? That is, my friend, called your flesh. Read more here.

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