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Story Time: Why I Went Back to a Wrong Relationship, Three Times.

There are some relationships that are wrong & we know it. We see them everywhere – In the news, where a man has just shot his wife to death; Around us, when our friends start picking up wrong habits to please their partners or try to hide their swollen eyes and bruised faces with make up and so on. It is however one thing to get into a relationship and back out upon realizing that it is wrong. It is another thing to back out of a wrong relationship and yet decide to give it another try, and again yet another try. Read more

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4 Lessons to Pick From Francine Rivers’ ‘Redeeming Love’ + a Christmas Giveaway!

This would be the second book I’ve finished reading this month and the second time I’m reading this particular book. Just like the first time, I closed the last page with a big heave. I mean, it’s just the story of a broken girl who found love in a man she didn’t deserve, or so I thought but reading it the second time opened my eyes to some messages I missed at first.  Ignore that it’s a fictional story, these lessons are so real to me. They revolve around the theme of brokenness and finding purpose and today, I’d love to share them with you. Read more

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Beautified #5: . . . But I have Small Boobs (My Story)

Hi guys, now this one is mine. It’s quite bare and sensitive but writing it made it really easy. As a teen, I had doused myself in pornography and a loooot of romance novels. Because of this, the idea of a woman’s sexuality to me was never completely defined without large boobs.  So, when it became apparent while growing up that I wasn’t going to have large boobs, I became really insecure. Read more

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Recommended Book of the Week

“I hated my life . . . I hated my own wretched helplessness. Most of all, I hated the men for their relentless quest for pleasure. I gave them my body but not a particle more. Maybe there was not anymore. I did not know. And that didn’t seem to make matter to any of the men. All they saw was my beauty -a flawless veil wrapped around a frozen heart and they were enthralled . . . “ Read more

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Broken #3: but … he slapped me

First, I would love to express a hearty ‘thank you’, wrapped with loads of kisses to Fisayomi Ajayi for accepting to share this story with us. I must say this, Fisayomi is one of OAU’s most beautiful ladies. She models too. Who would know she, at some point, had something like this going with her. And she is just one of plenty others. Ooh . . plus me. That makes two. I would like you to read this with an open mind. It blessed me. On this premise, i’m giving Fisayo the floor: Read more