Inspired by “Being 23, Woman and Christian in 2017”

First I’d like to give a big shout out to Dee for inspiring this post. Thank you Dee. 🙂 Before I beat the gun though, let me give a proper introduction. Her name is Adeniran Aderinsola, but we kind of all call her Dee. She runs and she must have posted something from her blog on Instagram because I found myself on there this morning and somehow stumbled upon this post I’m sharing with you guys today.

Even though Dee had titled the post “Being 23, Woman and Christian in 2017”, I must say that there is absolutely nothing exclusive to only women about it. Every single lesson that she shared applies to everyone, irrespective of your gender or age. There must have been about 20 lessons in all but here are the 5 that deeply resonated with me:

  • Authenticity is not performed. It is unconscious:

This lesson was the first one I saw that made me jump. Maybe it’s because prior to reading this post, I was actually planning on writing something similar myself.

These past few months, I have come to realize how easy it is to gradually change into another person, especially when you find that person so inspiring. Gosh. I have so many of those people around me and it starts from innocently picking one habit here and another habit there and before you know it, I have lost me.

You being authentic, in simpler terms is just you being you. It means you are not trying to write like somebody else; you are not trying to laugh like someone else; you are not trying to talk like somebody else or take up someone else’s lifestyle simply because the whole world, including you, likes it. You need to learn to love yourself for who you are {maybe work on certain things that needs to be improved} and just be you.

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The moment you realize you are trying to be authentic, then there is a problem. It’s just like Dee wrote: Authenticity is not performed. Just like innocence, it is unconscious.

I’m still going to do a separate post for this and there I’m going to share every single thing that brought me to this point with you guys, but for now, let’s move on to the second lesson I got from Dee’s post, shall we?

  • Christianity really is about intimacy, not proximity:

Gosh Dee! It’s like you read my mind. If there is one thing the Holy Spirit has taught me this past few months, it’s that it is not enough to just be close to God. You have to be in-to Him, especially where knowing and fulfilling the purpose for which He has created you is concerned.

It’s so easy to live off other people’s relationships with God, you know or just go to church every Sunday and think ‘bam! I have it.’  but no. Intimacy involves something deeper. It’s not just serving God. It involves knowing Him – like knowing what pleases Him, who He is, what makes Him smile or what ticks Him off  – just like when you are in a personal, sincere relationship with someone you are in love with.

It is then in this place of knowing Him that you also begin to know what He would have you do, all of which then come together to make your purpose and lifestyle.

This really has been one of my most intent prayers. I want to know God. I don’t want to just read about other people’s relationships with Him. I want to know Him. I want our own relationship and have my own experiences with Him – experiences I can then share with other people that would make them want to know God too. That’s what Christianity is about and I’m so glad that other people, like Dee are also coming into this truth. Yay! 🙂

  • God’s Purpose for your life is a progressive revelation:

This one is just as simple as it looks. I’ve already explained up there that as you begin to know God, you will also begin to know what He would have you do. So you see that purpose thing you are looking for? It’s in there in your walk with God and He will reveal it to you day by day, step after step.

  • Unlook things, especially on social media:

Believe me guys, I have never heard the word unlook until I saw Dee use it {that girl has her own dee-ctionary}, but it’s true what she wrote.

At certain points in your life, it would almost look like you are purposeless ‘because you don’t have a stage and a microphone or attend conferences, especially since social media glorifies this.

Rather than beat yourself up though, un-look, and while at it understand that a microphone, pulpits and attending conferences is an inaccurate standard for defining purpose. Your purpose may include all these or not.’

  • Human validation is not a proof that you are right:

Finally, to the last lesson I’m sharing today. You need to understand that validation from people, irrespective of their status or calibre, is not necessarily a proof that you are right, you are doing the right thing or that you are on the right path.

People cheer what they think is right. That they don’t cheer you also doesn’t mean you are wrong.

You need to understand that what you live for and live out should come from a truth that only comes from within. Your identity needs to be rooted in Christ and nothing else and while at it, you must become someone whose lifestyle/decisions are not based on the praises and criticisms of people.

So there you have it guys. Hope you learnt something. If you did, share what you learnt with me in the comments below. Plus, are there any life lessons you have been learning on your own? Share them with me too. I’d like to learn and who knows, I just might make another blog post out of them.

Okay then, till later with love,


Seun Olagunju

PS: If you would like to read the rest of the lessons shared by Dee, you can find them here. Thanks again Derin. 🙂

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