Becoming #6: What Should I Not Do On The Journey To Becoming?

Heeelooo my beautifull____(I almost said top-teners.) That’s what happens when you spend a lot of time watching Rebecca Felgate on Amazing Top Ten. Hmmn, but what name can we give ourselves now? Yadians? Yard people (in Timi Dakolo’s voice), Yads? Yadas? You guys should help me out here. Let me know the one you like.

Today, I’m answering the last question on the Becoming series. Yay! It’s been enlightening for me as well and I thank God for helping me pull this through. You should go back to read answers to the other questions, if are you new here. They’ve all been written progressively and this last one contains five things you need to shred into bits, put in a trash bag and throw in an incinerator as you journey to becoming. Trust me, we have too much responsibility in our boot, too much work. The car is full and there is simply no space for these five:

(PS: Brace up. I’m going to be throwing a list of don’ts at you.)

  • Don’t ever think you are ordinarily:

Sometimes when I look at the streets of Lagos, at hawkers, thugs and bus conductors, it breaks my heart to think that there actually might be some people who don’t know there is anything called purpose not to talk of fulfilling it. I hope that you do know there is a reason for your existence and no matter how unsure you are of that reason, one thing you should not do is think that you are ordinary or purposeless.

One story I find particularly interesting is that of a man who gave his servants talents, only to come back from his trip to find out that one servant did not use his. He had, instead, buried his talent in the ground waiting for the master’s return, unlike the others. When the master got back, he was furious. Why? wasn’t the servant doing the house chores he has been acquired to do? I’m sure he was but His master was still furious. Because the whole time, this servant had ignored the one thing that mattered.

Let’s apply this to our lives now, shall we? We are like the servants, working for God our father. The talents are the potentials and gifts that He has given us. Like that one servant, it is possible for us to focus on a lot of things, maybe even get results but the whole time, completely bury our God-given potentials from that which is most important. Let’s not do this on any basis, especially not on the basis of ‘not having a gift, talent or potential.’

Photo credit: Official Art Word
Photo credit: Official Art Word
  • Don’t compare yourself with others:

This one is very key, mainly because we are in a title-chasing, show off-success kind of world. As long as we are in it, there will always be that tendency to compare ourselves with other people. I used to do this a lot and even now, I have to cautiously cut myself from it anytime it pops up. I would compare myself to others who seemed to be doing something, especially if they were younger or within the same age range. I would compare myself with older people as well, measuring when they started with what I’m doing with my life at that age. I would then promise myself to be like them or do even more by the time I reach their ages, but all these were wrong. We are all different and so is the time for each one. I’m going to throw in a picture here that just captures this point so well.

Photo Credit: Official Art Word
Photo Credit: Official Art Word
  • Don’t Envy:

Comparison leads to envy and really, what’s the point? In my almost 21  years, I’ve learnt that envy only kills your self esteem. If you are envying someone, you become a victim of constant intimidation anytime you see the person’s achievement and believe me, you will see it on social media. I’m gonna throw another picture in here that just captures the point.

Photo Credit: Official Art Word
Photo Credit: Official Art Word

Friends, envy is one baggage that needs to be thrown out. like eww, hasta la vista. If on the journey to becoming, you ever see envy flagging you down for a ride, accelerate your car and make sure you splash dirty water on it as you zoom off (that is of course if you are driving on a Nigerian road, lol).

Photo Credit: Official Art Word
Photo Credit: Official Art Word
  • Don’t become material conscious:

Have you ever been in a place where light is not appreciated when it shines in intense darkness? Think of the time you were in your house, bored, hot and sweaty because there was no light. Then, light comes all of your sudden and your fan starts rolling, TV comes on and the stabilizer makes that amazing coming-on sound. Aren’t you always happy? At least for the first minutes, you’d almost want to hug something, right?

That’s how it’ll be with you, when the world comes in contact with your light. They’ll celebrate and appreciate you. They’ll put your picture on their social media. You may even get interviews and invitation to come inspire an audience but in the midst of all these, don’t become material conscious. Don’t lose your focus on Christ and make it all about you. Don’t run after titles. Don’t run after fame. Appreciate the little impact you make when nobody is watching you, because really, your Instagram followers don’t need to know you gave your neighbor some milk. Fame will come, money will come, don’t worry, light always shines somehow.

  • Don’t rush: 

Do you know that it takes about 20 to 30 years for an acorn to grow? During this time, it is beaten by sun and rain, it dies as a seed and starts as a plant, with a tiny stem and a few leaves. Then it starts to grow taller and stronger. When it’s done, what we see is a oak tree!

The acorn goes through a process of death, rebirth and growth, because it becomes a majestic oak tree.
The acorn goes through a process of death, rebirth and growth, before it becomes a majestic oak tree.

See, our lives are in phases and so is our journey. We have to respect that, we have to respect time. The fact that your friend owns an organization now doesn’t mean you should go start yours. In due time, your purpose will be birthed and this is me praying that by then, everything will work together for you.

Photo credit: Official Art Word
Photo credit: Official Art Word

So, there you have it, guys. It’s a wrap to the becoming series for this month. If you’ve not read the previous post, don’t forget to do that. I really hope you guys learnt something. I gotta go now, my fingers are aching but do remember to tell me what name you prefer for the yadayada family and ask questions if you have any. Thank you and see you in October.

Happy new month in advance!

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