About Me


It’s quiet in here, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by. No, really, thanks. People rarely check an ‘about’ page.

So, my name is Seun Olagunju but you can also call me Tirzah. It’s an Hebrew name meaning God’s delight and it is pronounced /ti:za/ with a silent r.

I’m really just a simple girl, all out to making an impact.

Presently, I’ve got a full time job of helping corporate organisations create copy and web content, but when or not I’m on this job, I’m also strongly pulled to reaching out, teaching and giving to others, which is why alongside my 8-5, I run Tirzah’s, a social enterprise which also houses a couple of media platforms such as this blog and a YouTube channel, where I share every significant lesson I’m learning on my journey through life. Most of these lessons are derived from personal experiences, as well as that of other people.

On the blog, I teach on/discuss issues that cut across different categories, such as life, love and sex. All of which are then presented to you through stories, interviews and videos.

The aim is simple: it is to enlighten, motivate, and inspire you, upon every visit you make here.

Ooh, you’ll love it.

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