1 Big Misconception About God’s Love We All Should Trash.

Seun Olagunju

A month ago, someone I had only just met called to tell me he’d like to give me a gift because the Holy Spirit had asked him to. When he said that, I was honestly surprised because: (1) That was the first time anyone would give me anything and tell me explicitly that it was on the instruction of the Holy Spirit, and (ii) The gift came in right in the middle of a season when I had been feeling ‘far’ from God and honestly thought that He wasn’t even sending me. 

Receiving that call that day really touched me and besides disturbing all my colleagues at work with the news, it also affirmed to me that God really loved me and that regardless of how far or unworthy I thought I was, regardless of how invisible or unseen I felt, God was seeing me and He wanted me to know that.

You would think that was the lesson, yeah? Apparently not!

A few days later, God showed me that I had been holding up a misconception about His love and He wanted to use that experience to teach me what it was. The misconception is simple and looks something like:

‘God must love me, because? Something significant just happened to me’:

When He taught me that, I had to pause. I looked at the irony of the whole situation – how God personally sent me a gift. How that experience showed me He loved me, and how now, He is telling me that is the exact mindset He wanted me to debunk? Wow.

As ironic as that is, the truth is, it’s so easy for us to think God loves us when something spectacular or significant happens to us. 

Think about it. When you pray about something and you see the answer almost immediately, wouldn’t you think God loves you? When out of the blues, someone calls you and says ‘It’s been on my mind lately to get you a car. I just wanted to give you the key’, wouldn’t you think God loves you? When you get selected out of an ocean of applicants for a new job or a scholarship or a grant, wouldn’t you think that God loves you? When you suddenly get featured on a prominent platform for something that you do, wouldn’t you think that God loves you? When you get into a relationship with an amazing guy who is really deeply in love with you, wouldn’t you think that God loves you? Yeah. Now, I want you to think about a time in your life when you’ve had to admit to yourself or other people that God loves you. What happened then? Something significant, right?

But what about the time nothing seems to be happening? What about the time you pray about something and you don’t get an answer? What about the time everyone around you seems to be moving and you just feel stuck? Or the time you were not picked for that job or grant or scholarship? What about the time when nobody recognizes or applauds you for your work? Or the time your relationship with the person who you really, truly thought loved you fell apart? Does it mean in all these times that God loved you any less? The answer is no.

What then are the lessons for us here?

.1. Before you even existed, God already loved you:

I know it’s so easy to feel God’s love for us based on the happenings around us, but the truth is, before you and I were even born, God already loved us. He loved us so much, He sent His son to die, just so that we could be adopted into His family and can begin to call Him Father. That was long before our mothers got pregnant with us; long before we started primary school; long before we committed our first sin; long before we could have ever done anything or before anything could have ever happened to us. 

If He’s loved us before we even existed, why then do we think it’s the happenings around us now that determine the measure to which God loves us or not?

.2. God is a God of ALL seasons:

I mean, His love for us is like a permanent ‘tanttoo’. It is ALWAYS there, regardless of the different seasons and times, or the different experiences and happenings in our lives.

I think one of the most profound examples I got regarding this is the story of David. We know David as a king, who God described as a man after His own heart, but wait. Isn’t he also the same guy who was attacked by wild animals when he was only taking care of his father’s sheep? Isn’t he the same guy who had to face Goliath? Isn’t he the same guy Saul wanted to kill at some point? Isn’t he also the same guy who described himself as walking through the valley of the shadow of death? Yeah, but in all of these times, one thing was consistent and that was the fact that God was with him.

I used all of these instances to show you that there will always be highs and lows; there will always be times when it looks like great things are happening to you and times when it would look like nothing is happening but again, regardless of all the different seasons, God is still with you and He loves you the very same way.

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God’s love is not just in the significant happenings. It’s in your very existence. It’s in the opening of your eyes every morning when you wake up. It’s in the rise and fall of your chest when your heart beats. It’s in every strand of hair on your head. It’s in the friends He’s placed around you. It’s in the family He’s put you in. It’s in your everyday life and experiences, no matter how simple. His love is the life that you live; and regardless of how ironic it was for me, this really was the lesson that He wanted me to learn and share.

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I hope that you learned something from this. If you did, please share in the comments, not just because I like to read from you, but also so that somebody else coming here to read this might pick your lesson too.  I really look forward to hearing from you.

Till later, I wish you a wonderful week filled with new revelations of how much God loves you.

With love ❤️,


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