New Year or Not: 7 Annoying Phone Habits We All Need to Stop

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I used to think of myself as someone who has a very good phone etiquette. By good phone etiquette I mean, not having those habits over the phone – whether while texting, calling or on social media, that would make the other person feel irrelevant or belittled. I was wrong.

Recently, I discovered that there are some things I do that are just bad, like bad and I wouldn’t have even noticed these things, if some people had not done the same to me as well. So, today, I’m going to be sharing with you 7 annoying phone habits that we all need to stop in 2018.

pS: It’s not all of these things that are peculiar to me. I went on to ask a few other people too, collected all of our responses {which were pretty similar, by the way} and put them together into this list.


.1. Not Replying Text Messages:

Oh-God. Personally, I have this bad habit of not replying texts, except the text is a question or it’s so important, it invokes an answer from me one way or the other. If not, bye-bye. Whether it’s a birthday wish or a just-checking-on-you text, I would just read, smile if it’s something nice and that’s that.

Now, I didn’t realize that this was actually a bad thing, until I too started to send texts to people just to check up on them and they did not reply. Maybe if it was a one time thing, it’s fine but when someone sends you like 3 text messages {not necessarily following each other back-to-back}, c’mon! the least you can do is to respond. Not doing this makes the person feel like they are pursuing someone who doesn’t really have their time.

So guys, let’s try replying text messages this year. It just shows you appreciate the gesture the person took to check up on you and acknowledges the fact that you actually saw the text.

.2. Not Replying Social Media DMs {on time!}:

There is this particular friend of mine who is allllways going on and on about how I never reply his Whatsapp messages until 29 and a half hours later. Believe me guys, this is not my fault … abi is it? I don’t know! 😥 I just never seem to reply my social media messages, especially Whatsapp on time and sometimes, for some people, I don’t even reply at all.

Apparently, this can be annoying because the other person can actually tell you are online and they’ll assume that you just chose not to reply them. This gesture can make people feel irrelevant, like they don’t matter to you or something, which is kind of bad. So, I’m going to adjust and try to reply my messages and on time too. ☺ So help me God.

Take out: If you are really busy and can’t reply messages at a particular time, one thing that can help on Whatsapp (or whatever social media app allows it) is to update or change your status to busy, so everyone can see it at once.

I can’t guarantee that I’ll always do this, but I’ll try.

.3. Use of Unnecessary Words of Endearment:

I don’t even know how to explain this one without sounding proud but honestly, I personally do not like it when someone I don’t know or I’m not close to calls me ‘dear’ or something like that.

These words of endearment are good in themselves but the way people use them nowadays make them sound so belittling, {abi, am I the only one that feels this way?} So, while you might think you are just being fondling, do know that not everybody reacts to it well.

Please. Except you really know the person or they are actually dear to you, cut off the use of those words, both online and offline. People might not tell you because they do not want to pass off as proud but deep down, the most of them just want you to stop.

Take out: If you really would like to sound personal to someone you are chatting or talking with, rather than say ‘honey’, just call them by their first names. It’s way better.

.4. Using abbreviations, like ‘k’:

This one goes without saying, doesn’t it? ☺

It’s funny how almost everybody I asked had something to say about this. Apparently, while some abbreviations are allowed as cyber language, e.g, lol, there are others that are just annoying and even some others that just make you look immature.

For instance, look at what I found going through my Facebook posts from 2011. #sigh.

picture here.


Gosh! what was I thinking?! Which one is ‘whad’, ‘wif’, ‘tyme’? and see me gushing over that message like it’s one big revelation. Please, what does this even mean?!

Let’s just say times have changed and I can safely pass this knowledge forward over to you. Stop with the unnecessary abbreviations. Also, use those that are allowed only in the context wherein they are allowed. Believe me, no lecturer wants to see ‘lmfao’ in your answer script.

.5. Using inappropriate punctuation marks:

You must have noticed in the picture I shared above how bad I was back then with my use of punctuation marks? ☺ Funny thing is, I actually did very well in my English Essays back in secondary school o. I must have written all of that nonsense thinking ‘since it’s social media, anything goes.’

Ooh, I found another one.

picture here

Please, what is this?

Well, now I have years of better experience to know that not everything goes online, especially your use of language.

Capitalization, spacing, commas, full stops, exclamation marks, are all punctuation marks and they communicate everything – from your mood, to what you really want to say and covertly, even the kind of person you are.

For instance, using only capital letters or exclamation marks can appear to the other person AS IF YOU ARE SHOUTING!!! {See what I did there?} It can even portray you as a proud person and turn people off from reading your posts, except of course you are Timi Dakolo. 🙂 (hash tag – if you know, you know.)

.6. Adding People to Groups Without Their Consent:

Please, please, please. whether it’s on Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram,  this is another phone habit that we all need to stop. We know how annoying these groups can get sometimes and while you think that you are only promoting your business through a group of friends, that friend may not like the way s/he is being bombarded with tons of messages, most of which may be unnecessary. Even worse is the fact that when someone leaves a group on certain social media platforms, such as Whatsapp, it shows that they’ve left, which may to the rest of the group make them look like a bad person. It’s better to just spare our friends this kind of stress by not adding them to the group without their permission.

Take out: If you are going to add people to a group, let them know first. You can simply send an invite link, where following it will signify acceptance on the person’s part. Also, if the message is a one-time thing, just create a broadcast message instead. Whatsapp, for instance, will automatically create a group for the message without the recipients knowing or seeing other people’s messages.

.7. Talking to Another While on the Phone with Someone Else:

A lot of us do this {especially when we are the ones who called} without even realizing how annoying it can be to the other person on the phone.

Takeout: If somebody walks in on you while you are on the phone with another person, take an excuse from the person you were talking to before you begin a conversation with the other person.

Some of us can even go on a full-fledged minute without regard to the person we kept waiting. Not cool … at all.

These are the 7 habits I’m going to be sharing with you today. Of course there are tons of others. Like my friend? she told me she doesn’t like it when someone she’s talking to is busy on the phone, texting. Another friend told me he finds it annoying when he’s on the phone and someone around him is peeping into it. I recall rolling my eyes at that last one because … who isn’t guilty?! 🙈

Anyway, all of these is just so that we can be more conscious, and learn better ways to treat others over the phone.

Till later, what phone habits do you find annoying? and which are you guilty of? Share them with me in the comments. Really would like to know.



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Author: Seun Olagunju

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  • Mehn! This came just in time! Virtually everything here applies to me, especially number 7! Gosh! that’s so me!

    Imagine, I was on a call with a friend the other day and then I started talking to someone else, he just said “don’t worry, keep talking, I’ll just try to get it when you’re referring to me”…. I felt so bad but I think it’s high time I changed that anyway.

    Thanks Seun.

  • Thank you Seun for sharing this piece. I enjoyed it with practical examples and I am repenting from the ones I engage in.

    Glad you mentioned the endearment thing, affectionate words are used everywhere now especially on social media. I can remember writing a blog post with the title “Hello Dear” in 2012. I nailed it at that time.

    Nice Post.

  • Of these all, I think I’m only guilty of number 3. As long as we are very good friends be ready for my endearments, lol. I just like using it and I don’t think it’s unnecessary to some extent depending on who you’re chatting with. Of course, I don’t want to start chatting with a new person and we’re already using words like ‘sweetie’, ‘dear’ ‘sunshine’ and the likes cos I’m not going to use it yet until we are very much comfortable with each other.

    Also, a big turn off for me is abbreviations. I mean, in this present age and time why would you keep abbreviating!!! (lemme scream). Well, this is what 140 characters have caused.

    This is a good read, thanks for sharing babe.

  • I have always had a thing for good grammar and writing full words. growing up, if you sent me a message with all these “fyn, 10q, kul,….. I will just give you space.
    thank you for this post Ma’am.