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Story Time: Why I Went Back to a Wrong Relationship, Three Times.

There are some relationships that are wrong & we know it. We see them everywhere – In the news, where a man has just shot his wife to death; Around us, when our friends start picking up wrong habits to please their partners or try to hide their swollen eyes and bruised faces with make up and so on. It is however one thing to get into a relationship and back out upon realizing that it is wrong. It is another thing to back out of a wrong relationship and yet decide to give it another try, and again yet another try. Read more

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My Most Annoying Experiences with Lagos Danfos {+Dealing with the Negativity!}

I’m fed up with Lagos Danfos. Of course, I don’t mean the buses themselves. Oh no. I’m talking about the drivers, conductors, the backseat drivers, the bus traders, bus preachers and those who just never seem to have their T-Fare complete! If you use these buses as often as I do, please, how do you cope? I mean I’ve had it up to here. Anyway, today, I’m going to share with you some of my most annoying experiences with/in these buses, and also how I deal with the negativity that often come with them. Read more

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New Year: Sorting out Your Notepads and the Act of Journaling.

I am a big sucker for journals.

Whenever I enter a book store with an innocent mind to just sight see or get a book to read, I almost always come out with a notepad. Even at weddings, the only souvenir I usually run after is a? You guessed right – notepad (except of course, at those cool kinds where they share all sorts. Hmmn.) Anyway, as a result of my insatiable thirst for notepads, I’m usually left at the beginning of the year trying to sort out what and what not to use them for. In this post, I share with you how I sort out my notepads and a couple of other tips on journaling. Read more

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Happy New Year! Recalling the Most Memorable Events in 2016 + Shout outs.

Like it’s actually 2017! I’m so excited. Happy New Year, guys. Over the last couple of days, my social media has been raving with everyone’s appreciation of people who made their 2016 and of course, their best moments. On that note, I would also like to use this platform to do the same. I figured it’s a good attempt at counting our blessings and maintaining a deep heart of gratitude to God into the New Year. So, in no particular order, here is a quick run through events that made 2016 remarkable for me. Read more