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Recommended Book of the Week

“I hated my life . . . I hated my own wretched helplessness. Most of all, I hated the men for their relentless quest for pleasure. I gave them my body but not a particle more. Maybe there was not anymore. I did not know. And that didn’t seem to make matter to any of the men. All they saw was my beauty -a flawless veil wrapped around a frozen heart and they were enthralled . . . “ Read more

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Broken #4: How I Stopped Masturbating.

Hello! Trust your week is going great? So, last week, we had Fisayomi share her story with us. Today, we’ve got another story from someone very special, even though she has requested to be anonymous. In case of any reference though, I’ll just call her A. Like I said in my posts on social media, it’s really an honour having you share your stories with us and if you have restrictions whatsoever, the least I can do is to honour it. So, thank you, A. I’m very sure this will bless someone. Read more

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Broken #3: but … he slapped me

First, I would love to express a hearty ‘thank you’, wrapped with loads of kisses to Fisayomi Ajayi for accepting to share this story with us. I must say this, Fisayomi is one of OAU’s most beautiful ladies. She models too. Who would know she, at some point, had something like this going with her. And she is just one of plenty others. Ooh . . plus me. That makes two. I would like you to read this with an open mind. It blessed me. On this premise, i’m giving Fisayo the floor: Read more

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Broken #2: Still on the Road to Perfect


One of the most significant events that marked my last days at the university was the forum my roommates organized for the final year students. We were asked questions, told to share our experiences and lessons throughout the years we had spent on campus and then counsel the rest of us, whom we were leaving behind. We did it in such a way that after one person finishes, all the roommates would take turn to say stuffs about her – what they had leant, what they liked, what they admired and lastly, the flaws. Read more

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Broken #1: Mental Sex Scenes

“I read somewhere that we, as humans, are earthen vessels of clay and without much reasoning, I immediately agreed to the truth of that statement. Of all the things an object could be made out of; wood, plastic, titanium, metal, stone, rock, rubber, or skin, objects made of clay were the most vulnerable to being broken.” Read more

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This June!

Hey, happy new month!

Throughout the month of May, I shared a couple of stories and experiences, revolving around low self-esteem and gaining on confidence. It was good hearing from people as well about how they could relate with some of the experiences I shared. Read more