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Inside Out #3: Flawed?

“You see your face, you see a flaw. How. If you are the only person who has this face.” – The Beauty Construct

The quote above will always be one of my favourites. It addresses that place where we look at ourselves and shudder. Where we look at our heights and faces and skin colour and tell ourselves that this is not it. I wish I was taller or white or born in someplace else.
But how can we spot a flaw in ourselves without a double we can call perfect? Perhaps if there was someone else exactly like you, with your face, hair, complexion and skin, who also carries everything you are on the inside; perhaps if you were correct in your judgments of perfection and this ‘double’ meets every single standard, maybe then you can call yourself flawed. Read more

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This May : )

May 2016

Dedicated to every one out there with a low self esteem.

I know low self esteem. I know it well enough to say that it weakens people. It makes you think that you are not up to or that you can not do it and so, you begin to think of yourself as below every body else. Read more