1 Thing To Know Before Showing Off What You Are ‘Doing’ With Your Life in 2018.

Let me start by telling you guys this. Recording a video for YouTube or any platform at all is not easy! I have been wanting to share this post with you for a while now, but for some lazy reasons, I thought ‘why not just make it a video instead?’ Sounded easy when I thought it but needless to say, I’m back here now … writing 😜. Big shout out to everyone who does this video thing and Tunji Enahoro, if you are reading this, I miss you.

Moving on.

What I’m going to share with you guys today is something the Holy Spirit’s been teaching me on waiting. This lesson is very important, seeing as we just entered a new year and already, there is the whole ‘Time is going. You need to get right into what you should be doing.’ thing going around.

Before you begin to feel pressured though, there are some things that you must know.

First, your fulfillment is not in your works:

I’m not sure if I’ve told you this before but I started last year {2017} with a very keen desire to ‘fulfill purpose’.  I put this in quote because prior to that time, I had been asking God to show me what His will for my life was but like a lot of other people, I had allowed social media to mess with my head. So I had confused fulfilling purpose with only doing something for which I will be publicly celebrated.

On that note, I entered the new year with such eagerness to ooh, do things, and I did. Only that at some points {despite my certainty that I wasn’t doing anything God wouldn’t have me do}, I began to feel like I was drowning.

This feeling was so foreign to me. I mean, aren’t you supposed to feel happy and fulfilled when you are doing purpose? How come I was feeling burdened?

The answer to this question came some days later.

You see, I had allowed the pursuit of ‘doing’ and being seen overwhelm me, so much that I had lost touch with God Himself.

I learned from that experience that my source of fulfillment is actually not in my works or accomplishments, no matter how amazing they are. It is in God and the more I get disconnected from Him, even if it’s in a bid to chase purpose, the farther I get from finding the very thing I am looking for.

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Now, I thought this was the only lesson I would be taking out from it, but no.

Few months later, I was speaking with a friend of mine about the temptation of Jesus. You guys know them right? The ‘if you are the son of God, turn these stones to bread’, ‘jump, at least the angels will catch you’, and ‘bow down to worship me’ temptations which the devil brought to Jesus in the wilderness. Yeah.

I told my friend that if I had been the one tempted, I would probably have jumped – knowing fully well that I could indeed command angels to catch me. Think about it. Wouldn’t it be cool? I’ll just be there, floating mid-air, shouting at the devil to go to hell as I have successfully proven that I am the son of God. The action might even attract a couple of people to the scene – people who will instantly begin to celebrate me like some sort of super-hero. 😎

But Jesus didn’t jump. Why?

It was then that the second lesson hit me.


Jesus could have jumped. He could have chosen that opportunity to show off his power and works to the world but He chose not to. For one, He didn’t have to prove himself to anyone and two, he understood the place of waiting.

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This was the one thing I didn’t pay so much attention to, so when in my pursuit of purpose, the pressure came for me to jump and show off to the world what I was capable of, I fell for that temptation and I jumped. Of course, I got my gratifications, in form of recognition from people I didn’t even know, applause from a couple of followers on social media, special invitations to some events, etc – all of which made me feel as though I was doing the right things, but deep down I knew that my priority had changed and my attention, taken away from the thing that was most important. Hence, the feeling of being unfulfilled.

Guys, I’m not asking you not to do. I mean, I would tell you anytime, any day that you’ve got amazing potentials inside of you that should not be buried, that you are light and by all means, should not be hidden but this message seems to be the only thing we hear nowadays. Nobody talks about waiting. And Jesus did wait.

So, before you get overwhelmed with the pressure of ‘doing’ something with your own life, so that people can see and celebrate you {or if you already are}, remember this season called waiting.


I know the thought of it sounds lazy, maybe even useless but this season really is not for you to sit idle, watch other people live their lives on social media and just get comfortable with you not doing anything. No. It is a season of growth.

Remember the analogy of the seeds I once told you? It took like 2 days for the tomato seeds we threw to the backyard in my house to sprout, whereas it took weeks, months even before we saw the first shoot of our orange tree. But during this time of us waiting for it to shoot, the orange tree was actually growing and when it eventually sprouted, its roots were way deeper. It goes without saying of course that because its roots were deep, whenever the winds came, it was easier for it to withstand the weather than the tomatoes whose roots were shallow.

Your waiting season is that season of growth – It is you staying with God, receiving from Him and having Him groom you.

It is you getting to know God intimately, knowing who you are in Him and the things that He has called you to do.

It is a season of submitting yourself to God’s will and being led by His Spirit to show off  your works to the world when the time is right.

In waiting, you learn patience and develop depth, so much that by the time you eventually come out and begin to shine your light, you have substance. And when rough things come at you, you do not whither or quit, because your roots are deep.

This is what I wanted to share with you today. I hope that you guys understand it beyond what I said here and you actually learnt something. If you did, let me know in the comments. Also, have you ever had to deal with the pressure that comes with ‘fulfilling purpose’? What lessons did you learn from that experience? Share that with me in the comments as well.

I love you. 💕💕


pS: The Tunji Enahoro I gave a shout out to earlier is the guy that helps me with my YouTube videos. {Just in case you guys are wondering.}

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