1 Simple Thing To Do When You Find Yourself Losing Your Faith … & Joy.

It feels like it’s been a long time I’ve been here. I’ve missed talking to you guys. Hopefully, I’ll do a life lately post soon to give you an inkling of what has been going on with me and the lessons I have been gleaning from them, but through everything, I have been fine and I hope that you have been too. If however, you’ve not been fine, that’s okay. First, I want you to pause on reading this, close your eyes for a second and take a deep breath.

Are you done? Okay. I know life can get a bit overwhelming sometimes. I mean, even though I told you guys up there that I have been fine, it does not mean that there weren’t a few times this past few months that I have literally broken down and cried. I’ll share one of those experiences with you today, but most importantly, I’ll share what the Holy Spirit taught me in that period that helped restore my faith and my joy. Ready? 🙂

Now, as some of you may know, I moved out of my parent’s house earlier this year. I took that decision when I finally realized that I just couldn’t be going from Ota to Ikeja every morning. Like, enough of that ‘you are a superwoman‘ compliment I got when I tell people I did that for 2 straight years. Plis. Superwoman or not, I couldn’t come and kill myself, mhen. It had gotten really stressful, was beginning to affect my health and was also beginning to affect my efficiency at work. I mean, I remember one time I got to work around 11 (call time was 8:30) and after my boss had queried me, he said ‘traffic or not, Seun, this does not make you an efficient employee.‘ Ah! In my mind, I was like ‘mogbe.’

So I decided to move out to an apartment in Lagos. Before I made this decision, I had been praying and one of the things God told me about the year 2019 was that He would help me. I took that word in confidence and moved to my friend, Debby’s house somewhere on the mainland.

Fast forward a few months down the line and my friend had to resume back to school. The initial plan was that we both would stay together somewhere close to her school but as time went on, we found it really hard getting a place to stay. School hostels were canceled, same with accommodation outside of school. This meant that asides from her house, which was no longer convenient for the both of us, we both didn’t have anywhere else to stay.

Some days, we would go to her house. Some other days, I would go to mine. Some days, we would go to sleep in our pastor’s house. Some other days, I would sleep at work. On one of those days, I just couldn’t have it anymore. I thought ‘if God had said He was going to help me, why was getting an apartment of my own this hard?’ This, plus the fact that my friend had woken me up that morning to tell me that she would be moving in with another friend of ours who stayed closer to her school. Ha, that morning, I cried. I remember sitting in the bus on my way to work and saying, ‘Father, but you said you would help me. I feel as though the devil is really trying to steal my joy. What should I do?‘ And right there, the Holy Spirit whispered one thing to me. And that one simple thing is what I’m going to be sharing with you today.

1. Give thanks for what you have.

When the Holy Spirit whispered those words to me, even He knew that was the last thing I wanted to do. I did mutter a quick ‘thank you, Father’ but it didn’t lift the heaviness I felt in my heart still. So, the Holy Spirit went on to remind me of certain instances in the Bible where Jesus too was faced with seemingly tough situations and how giving thanks was what He did to face them. The first instance was of feeding 5000 people, where Jesus, having nothing but 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes to feed a crowd of 5000 people, gave thanks for the little He had and it multiplied.

The second instance was of Him raising Lazarus. You guys probably know the story where Jesus already had been told that Lazarus was sick and He already had given His word that Lazarus would not die. Still, Lazarus died. This was particularly profound for me because sometimes, it could be as though something God told us is not working out, but wait, is it not God? Is there anything impossible for Him to do? Like if God says I will give you a child, and you are a hundred years old and have stopped seeing your period, would it not look as though what God has said has failed? Yet, look at what He did with Sarah.

Anyway, Jesus said Lazarus won’t die. Yet, Lazarus died and Jesus was told. He went down to Lazarus’ grave and it was recorded for the first time that Jesus cried. Haha! That must mean that all my tears were not so irrelevant after all, were they? Must mean that it is okay to sometimes cry too but then, after crying, what did He do? He raised His face to heaven and gave thanks to God. Then He called Lazarus forth and a decaying man who had been dead 4 days rose up and walked out.

As the Holy Spirit reminded me of these instances, I heard Him say to me ‘Seun, you don’t have your own apartment yet, yes? But what do you have?’ Then, I began to see them:

.i. First, I had my life and the truth is, if I didn’t have life, if I was dead, I wouldn’t even be worried I didn’t have a place to stay.

.ii. I had gainful employment, which if I saved well enough, was able to get me my own place a couple of months down the line.

.iii. I still had my home in Ota and my friend’s place in mile 2. I had my pastor’s house and a host of relationships around me who would not send me packing if I had to stay in their houses for a night.

I had a lot but I had focused on the one thing I didn’t have and was allowing the devil in with a huge straw to come sip out of my joy.

When that revelation struck me, I began to consciously say ‘thank you, Father’ and the minute I got to work, I went to a particular corner, knelt down and thanked God for all I had. My joy was restored.

Now, have I gotten my own space yet? No, but do I have a place to stay that is even closer to my workplace and at no cost to me at all? Yes. The truth is, if God tells you something, He will bring it to pass. Sometimes, it may come like magic. Sometimes, it might take a longer time. Sometimes, it might not even come in the form we think it would, but if God has promised you, believe that because He really loves you and he holds His word dear, He will bring to pass everything.

If God tells you something, He will bring it to pass. Sometimes, it may come like magic. Sometimes, it might take a longer time. Sometimes, it might not even come in the form we think it would, but if God has promised you, believe… Click To Tweet

So, today’s post is to encourage you to take the things you currently have and give thanks for them. This is to tell you that when it seems as though God is silent, He is right there with you. If you listen well enough, you will find Him talking to you, whispering to you. This is to tell you that even when it seems as though God is quiet, He is right there with you and He loves you. If it would help, you can read the book of Psalms as a guide, through what is left of this month and use them to worship God, while you are waiting for the answers to your prayers. Give thanks and in everything, maintain that attitude of thanksgiving. That is how you guard your faith … and your joy.

That’s what I have to share today guys. I hope that you learned something. If you did, why not share it with me in the comments? You know I love to hear from you too.

Till later, with love ❤️,


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Author: Seun Olagunju

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